Some Parts Of USA Still Vulnerable To Another Hit By Coronavirus

Some Parts Of USA Still Vulnerable To Another Hit By Coronavirus

While the coronavirus second wave has made a strong impact on  countries like India and Brazil and has left their government and citizens in a helpless and tough situation having to cope with the daily rise in cases and unavailability of hospitals beds, oxygen, remdesivir vials, etc, the recent impact of Covid on USA has been going down. Although, the average daily reported infections has been reducing in many states, some parts are quite vulnerable to fall under the grasp of the new mutants that are making an impact around the world. 

Some Parts Of USA Still Vulnerable To Another Hit By Coronavirus

People are being vaccinated in large numbers on a daily basis but the unsettling gaps in vaccine coverage in different parts of USA has begun concerning several health officials. While some areas are seeing a coverage of around 65%, some are seen to have a coverage of less than 47% which could be alarming as these areas might be most vulnerable to the virus attack. Experts have been stressing on the fact that there is an urgent need to increase vaccine coverage as much as possible as the Covid-19 vaccine is the best way for Americans to protect themselves and their communities. The more the vaccine coverage, more people will be vaccinated at the earliest, thus reducing the spread of the virus, the vaccine has been seen to fend off the new mutations of Covid till date as well, as it reduces the chances of catching the virus significantly and even if they do, the symptoms aren’t as severe as seen in the cases of those who are not vaccinated.

Some Parts Of USA Still Vulnerable To Another Hit By Coronavirus

Dr. Celine Gounder told CNN on Saturday that “It is really important to understand that vaccines work best at a population level and not at the individual level, therefore the best way to reduce the risk for all of us is for as many people to get vaccinated as possible”.

There have been reports that suggest that there has been a decline in demand for Covid-19 shots in some parts of the country which could lead to a tipping point on vaccine enthusiasm for the people of USA, thereby increasing the chances of the second wave to make a heavy impact on the country. Once, people get carefree and the enthusiasm to get their respective vaccine shots reduces, reaching the required levels of herd immunity to eradicate Covid in the country would become difficult.

As per surveys conducted by Facebook, the confidence of the people of USA on the Covid vaccine has been going down slowly, yet steadily since February, this could be due to the lowering number of daily average cases in most states or sheer ignorance of people who aren’t seeing people around them get affected. Such people need to keep this in mind that Covid is just a number till someone close to them gets affected and they have to go through the struggle or in worst cases lose that person to this deadly virus.

The Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine was recently paused by the CDC and Food and Drug Administration after reports of rare blood clots in few patients as a preventive measure to perfect the drug or to at least analyze its cause of the symptoms, this could have been one potential reason for the hesitation of the public in taking the vaccine shots, but even that pause was lifted on Friday. So far, roughly 40.5 % of the US population have received at least the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and about 26.4% are fully vaccinated, but this isn’t enough to prevent a second outbreak of Covid. People need to remember that the fight against Covid isn’t over yet and the vaccine is the weapon that will help win this fight and allow everyone to resume normalcy.


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