One-Third of Survivors Will Struggle With Post-Covid Syndrome

One-Third of Survivors Will Struggle With Post-Covid Syndrome

A new study on the surviving COVID-19 patients reported that some of them are still struggling with the complications as when they were infected and receiving treatments. 

The research by the University of Washington observed 177 people who are infected with COVID-19 for about nine months. 

One-Third Of Survivors Will Struggle With Post-Covid Syndrome

The researchers found that 30% of them continued to have the symptoms of the pandemic long after their recovery. Among the respondents, more than 30% had severe conditions and had the worst quality of life compared to their conditions before they got infected. 

Michael Reagan, 50, a surviving patient said that he is still going through the symptoms related to COVID-19, even after he recovered from it one year ago. His complications include constant chest pain, severe pain in the nerves of hands and legs, seizures, tremors, and even lost vision in one eye. 

One-Third of Survivors Will Struggle With Post-Covid Syndrome

Reagan said that since then it has been a roller coaster for him with ups and downs, new symptoms, a whole series of doctors, tests, and medications.

He added that the pandemic caused a lot of damage to his body, completely changing his life. He still struggles to at least near the condition of his body that he enjoyed before the pandemic’s attack. 

Another patient named Stephanie Condra, 34 said that she got contracted with the pandemic, but survived soon as it was milder.

However, she said that after recovery, she started to develop a wide array of health issues like terrible sinus pain, nausea, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue, dizziness, dry cough, brain fog, confusion, issues related to word retrieval and concentration as well as a burning sensation in the chest. 

She explained that those symptoms were developing, and she felt them as one after another. 

She also said that it was during last summer she contracted the virus. She started getting well at the beginning of 2021. She added that she is getting well slowly and yet to recover more and presently she can only be active for four hours a day.

The studies on the coronavirus and the way it attacks the public made it clear that it is difficult to deal with. In most cases, the patient is unaware that he is already infected with the virus and became a carrier. The virus is deadly to diminish a significant part of the world’s population. 

The new report showed that apart from deaths and hospitalizations, this virus can bring in notable reparations to those who recovered as well. This implies that around one-third of the recovered are getting troubled with these conditions or leaving them never to get fully recovered.  

Experts said that this condition has various names like continued Covid, post-Covid syndrome, and post-acute Covid syndrome.