Some Myths And Facts Associated With Covid-19 Vaccination


Vaccination worldwide has kickstarted against the Covid-19 in America, but it seems to be a daunting task to eliminate the virus. Recently, there was much skepticism regarding the vaccine itself. People are confused about the vaccine, and the rumors are getting worse every day. A health official said it is quite difficult to fight the rumors more than the virus itself. American Family, Urgent Care, said we must not get irritated as they are trying to answer the question.

Some Myths And Facts Associated With Covid-19 Vaccination

They are trying to dedicate as much time to the people answering their queries. Kelly is bombarded with questions every day about the vaccination. They are often asked questions about whether the vaccination will change DNA or not. Let’s look at whether the following information is correct or not.

Some Myths And Facts Associated With Covid-19 Vaccination

Myth: In vaccination, the living Covid-19 virus is injected into the body. The live virus makes you sick after being injected.

Fact Check: False

These vaccines are authorized only for emergency usage and do not contain any live virus responsible for making you sick with Covid-19 or any other disease. The technology used for making is mRNA technology. It works by teaching your immune system how to recognize the virus which causes Covid-19. Sometimes when this happens, the process can cause symptoms like muscle aches and fever. This is quite normal. Most importantly, there is proof that the vaccine is working and building immunity to Covid-19.

Myth: The person is not vaccinated until weeks after the person gets the second dose.

Fact Check: True

Only one vaccine shot doesn’t work. As per the CDC, you must get two full doses of the vaccine for it to work. After a waiting period of 3 to 4 weeks of the first dose, you must get the second dose. Further, after getting the second shot, you have to wait for a couple of weeks to get the desired immunity.

Myth: If you are infected with Covid-19, you can skip the vaccination

Fact Check: False

Covid-19 is a new disease, so no one knows how much longer the natural immunity lasts. As per the evidence, reinfection is uncommon for a span of 90 days from the date of the first infection with the Covid-19 virus.

Myth: Both these vaccines alters your DNA with 10 days from the vaccination date

Fact Check: False

Both vaccines like Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, are authorized for emergency use, which is classified as mRNA vaccines. Messenger RNA or mRNA vaccines are not changing your DNA or interacting with the DNA in any way. The vaccines are used to teach the cells how to create a protein that can fight against the virus. These cells will trigger immunity. mRNA does not enter the nucleus of the cell, which contains the DNA.

Myth: After getting vaccinated, I still need to maintain 6 feet distance and wear a mask.

Fact Check: True

It is essential to wash your hands, wear a mask and maintain social distancing.  Since everyone is not getting vaccinated simultaneously, it’s important to protect others and yourself.

Myth:  The vaccine is unsafe because it was released so fast.

Fact check: False

There is rigorous research done on these vaccines, so they are quite safe. The CDC has done numerous trials for the vaccines and authorized them after checking all the parameters. The department has found that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks associated with it.

 Myth: I can travel around the places immediately after getting vaccinated

 Fact Check:  False

The CDC director that once the person is vaccinated, he cannot travel internationally and domestically.  The person might be getting infected with Covid-19 but may remain asymptomatic. You must get the second dose of the vaccine and wait for at least 10 days to two weeks after the second dose before traveling.