Panama Tries IATA Travel Pass For Quarantine-Free Travel

Panama Tries IATA Travel Pass For Quarantine-Free Travel

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the global industry body for aviation. 290 airlines all over the world have membership in the IATA. The Travel Pass is a novel mobile app that is being developed by the IATA. It is set to be unveiled in March 2021.

Panama Tries IATA Travel Pass For Quarantine-Free Travel

This mobile app is proposed as a means to corroborate regulations of all nations related to travel requirements. It is currently in the process of being devised to assist consumers to organize the results for the COVID-19 tests undertaken and certifications for vaccines received, on a digital platform.

Panama Tries IATA Travel Pass For Quarantine-Free Travel

It is hoped by the IATA that the app will play a major role in borders being reopened across the world, and people being able to commute by air, without the need for quarantine. To realize this, governments must be reassured that the risk of bringing COVID-19 into their country is mitigated. 

The IATA Travel Pass app is designed to work in four modules:

  1. A global registry of health requirements by different nations enables travelers to evaluate the mandatory formalities to go through, before going to the places they hope to visit.
  2. Passengers may also check the global registry, to obtain information on the availability and location of testing and vaccination centers. This may be used to conveniently plan and fix appointments before their departure.
  3. There is also an option to securely share vaccination certificates and test results with commuters through the app. This is anticipated to be done seamlessly, by the authorized test centers and laboratories for COVID-19. This may also be shared with others, with family or friends, as needed.
  4. Users may use the app to store their identity details in a digital format. This will prove to be beneficial for contactless travel. Some information that could be stored in the mobile app includes, a digital version of a passport, other travel documentation, etc.

The IATA Travel Pass mobile app will soon be available for download, free of cost. Its release on the iOS and Android platforms is scheduled for the end of March 2021.

The Government of the Republic of Panama and Copa Airlines are working in collaboration with the IATA to try out the new Travel Pass. Panama is the first government in the world and Copa Airlines will be the first airline in the Americas to take part in a trial of the IATA Travel Pass app. The preliminary trial phase is hoped to start in March on certain flights from Copa’s Hub of the Americas in Panama City.

Copa’s Senior Vice President for Operations, Dan Gunn stated, ‘At Copa Airlines we are proud to be pioneers in the operation of the IATA Travel Pass, working alongside the Government of Panama and the IATA. This pass is expected to boost compliance with health requirements for the passengers on our airlines. Digital health passports hold the key for a safe resumption of the travel and tourism industry in Panama.

 The Administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority, Ivan Eskildsen was quoted as saying that the Government of Panama supported the release of this significant mobile app developed by the IATA. He believed it would comply with the country’s health requirements, thus bringing back confidence in travel and tourism, which are critical for the nation’s economic recovery.

The IATA Regional Vice President for the Americas, Peter Cerdá, commented that Panama’s strategic geographic location and the extensive network of Copa Airlines in the region made them a suitable candidate for the initial roll-out of the IATA Travel Pass.

 Truly, this IATA Travel pass will be pivotal in the restoration of global connectivity and hence, the global economy. while dealing with the risks of COVID-19.