Mexican Caribbean A Top Draw For Future Micro-Weddings

Mexican Caribbean A Top Draw For Future Micro-Weddings

The Mexican Caribbean has notched up a remarkable figure of hosting some 90,000 weddings every year. A guest list that roughly figures fifty people per wedding. This was up until when the pandemic hit that things started changing. 

Mexican Caribbean A Top Draw For Future Micro-Weddings

Smaller intimate ceremonies were the norm. Categorized as the micro-weddings or minimonies, this latest trend is slowly finding popularity rather than exorbitant gala affairs. 

Mexican Caribbean A Top Draw For Future Micro-Weddings

The Mexican Caribbean boasts of spectacular destinations from the Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Puerto Morelos to the Tulum and Bacalar. These are a few of the places that are catching in on the trend of micro-weddings from planning to execution. 

The best of underwater settings to remote and pristine beaches, the Mexican Caribbean weddings are crafted with a vision. A lot of personalization and creativity goes into the making that sees the incorporation of the Mayan festivities. 

A one of a kind experience held in cenotes that truly reflect a bride and groom’s journey to the altar. With plenty of advantages in the offing, micro-weddings are here to stay. A safer, convenient way of celebrating given the pandemic is still very much prevalent, micro-weddings are a tad easier on the pockets. One that comes with zero hassles given the party size. 

One of the most sought-after destinations for romance, this segment has seen a rapid acceleration in growth as a tropical destination wedding. Dream weddings are now possible at the most affordable rates keeping the safety protocols in place all amidst the pandemic. 

The natural settings are to die for in the Mexican Caribbean that offers social distancing for couples wanting to soak in the sun. Ample outdoor spaces and venues that overlook the lagoons and the seas, natural parks, private beaches to golf courses, there are myriad options here at this tropical locale. 

The Riviera Maya boasts of the Punta Venado, an exclusive venue for micro-weddings. For the spiritual at heart, the Riviera Maya offers tailor-made experiences with the inclusion of full moon weddings and Mayan ceremonies. 

Tulum is an ideal bohemian haven and a romantic gateway for couples wanting to marry right amid a jungle or even by the sea. There are a majority of options from Espacio Chechen in the lush greens to the Ahau Collection. A boutique property, known for its aesthetic design and top-notch amenities.

The adventurous at hearts can opt for the Puerto Morelos. One that has splendid mystic caverns to satiate the thirst for something out of the ordinary. Aktun-Ha is one such site that offers a private cenote coupled with a rustic cabin for couples. A cocoon that has floor-to-ceiling windows offering a sense of calm and serenity all within a jungle. 

The Atlantis Submarines Cozumel offers excursion trips to witness the exquisite coral reefs and get married right next to them. While Bacalar has noteworthy locations and natural enviable spaces that are much in vogue. Bakhalar that is located on the banks of much-revered Lagoon of seven colors is a hot-spot. A venue that has a casual vibe also has a beautiful garden with a pier for an intimate dinner setting for newlyweds. 

The world is slowly adapting to digital advancements that have kept people going the last year. People are prioritizing lesser attendance and more live-streaming. Be it weddings or any sporting event in the calendar, live-streaming has become a trend. 

However, the pent-up demand for traveling is on the rise and the availability of vaccines might be just the needed push to get back to normal. Saying “I do”, at some of these exotic locales is an experience worth remembering and carrying on for life.