The New Wave Of Covid-19 And Vaccinations

The New Wave Of Covid-19 And Vaccinations

The new number of the Covid-19 cases has increased at a very disturbingly high level, and also the U.S. is at another risk of the new surge, as said by Dr. Anthony Fauci this Wednesday.

The New Wave Of Covid-19 And Vaccinations

Although it is not at the new highs as in the early weeks of this year, there are still greater than 61,000 new Covid-19 cases as reported on Wednesday, as per the data from the Johns Hopkins University. This lack of a significant continued decrease in the infections is a major concern, as said by the director of the National Instituteveryday as said by Dr. Fauci stating that Europe is witnessing another spike like the previous one as the experts are worried about the U.S.

The New Wave Of Covid-19 And Vaccinations

The U.S. is also vaccinating all its citizens very quickly, with greater than over 33% of the total population that is greater than 109 million with people having at least 1 dose of this Covid-19 vaccine, and all of the 50 states are committed to open vaccinations for all the adults by 19th of April.

The people behind the vaccines might be the reason behind this decrease in the Covid-19 fatalities, as said by the director of U.S. CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Rochelle Walensky on Wednesday.

But with the current pace of vaccination against the disease of the Americans would need to continue increasing now that this virus variant was first found in the U.K., was known to be much more transmissible and is believed to be much more deadly, which is one of the most common strains in the U.S., as Walensky had said.

For fighting this variant, Dr. Fauci has urged the Americans for getting vaccinated as early as possible and also asked them to stick to the various preventive measures.

Please continue staying at the home a bit longer as said by the director of CDC. This is not the time for getting careless. The country is yet to emerge victorious from the virus.

The new daily rate of coronavirus cases has risen over in the last four weeks. Part of this is due to this spread of the B.1.1.7 and other such concerning variants as said by Walensky earlier this week.

The U.S. has got greater more than around 64,760 new cases of the coronavirus case in a day in the past few weeks which slightly lower in the previous week, but still, this is currently about 21% higher as compared to two weeks ago, and more than 12% higher than four weeks ago, according to Johns Hopkins.

In the recent wave of Covid-19 more younger people are getting affected, Dr. Fauci has said this is different from the previous wave where so many older people got infected.

Fauci stated that more than 75% of all the people aged above 65 years have at least received 1 shot of this Covid-19 vaccine in the U.S.

He has said that many factors are at play, which also includes clusters of the cases in the school sports teams and daycares — since the people are in very close contact with others and most of the time they do not wear masks — and this B.1.1.7 variant is very contagious.