The Latest Outbreak Of Ebola: World On Alert

The Latest Outbreak Of Ebola: World On Alert

Ebola is a very rare form of viral disease also known as Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), which causes severe bleeding, organ failure, and ultimately death. The latest outbreak in the African country of Guinea has set off an alarm across the globe.

Countries neighboring Guinea have started taking steps to limit the virus outside their territory. Nine new cases of this deadly virus have been reported so far in Guinea, but it is enough to put the other countries to take necessary precautions to avoid situations faced during the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19.

The Latest Outbreak Of Ebola: World On Alert

The neighboring countries of Guinea like Liberia, Mali, and Sierra Leone have responded quickly to the increasing impact of the Ebola Virus using the World Health Organization readiness assessment tool.

The far-off country of the United States of America has a keen eye on the situation in the African nations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the chances of the Ebola virus reaching the United States is extremely low.

The Latest Outbreak Of Ebola: World On Alert

Guinea has already started the large-scale vaccination drive to control the re-emergence of the Ebola virus after 2016, said officials at the World Health Organization. Travel restrictions have been introduced for travelers coming from Guinea to the United States in the wake of rising cases of the Ebola virus.

The travelers would be screened on all the Airports of the United States for early symptoms which are fever, chills, etc. The travelers from the Democratic Republic of Congo would also be monitored by the health agencies. 

The traffic from these Ebola-hit nations would mainly be directed to six airports. The airlines will work along with the health agencies and keep a record of the passengers traveling with them.

The airlines will also record the travel history of the passengers and maintain a stern record on people who have been to Guinea or the Democratic Republic of Congo in the past 21 days. The airlines will have to share these details with the CDC and local health administrative department.

These measures and precautions are necessary in these times when the Americans are already dealing with the disease caused by SARS COV-2 that is Covid-19.

This disease was not native to the United States but hit the country badly with over half-a-million deaths. As the nation is already in fear of the newer strains of the Covid virus, we do not want another virus to cripple the already limited movement.

The United States of America has witnessed cases of Ebola in the past years of 2014 and 2018. So, fearing another outbreak even if the chances are low is not shocking. Travel restrictions that were similar to the present one were also imposed back in 2014 to contain the Ebola virus.

The CDC also said that this time the outbreak of Ebola is not concentrated in one place. New cases have emerged in only a few individuals and if handled properly, there is very little chance that the virus would reach the US.

The vaccine push in the African countries is the result of restricting the virus in the continent. More than 20,000 vaccines have been drawn from the emergency storage situated in Brazil and Switzerland.

These vaccines will be administered to the people of Guinea where the Ebola virus has started spreading recently.The representative of the WHO in Guinea said the vaccines will help reduce the exposure of people to the Ebola virus cases that have been reported so far.