Food Items That Should Be Avoided In Your Middle Age

Food Items That Should Be Avoided In Your Middle Age

A Human body requires proper nutrition and it may vary with age and gender. The diet or the composition of the food you were taking during your younger days to a healthy diet will not be the same when you get a bit older. You have to regulate and change your diet according to your age, as the body working and processing ability reduces as time passes.

Food Items That Should Be Avoided In Your Middle Age

As we know that too much sugar and saturated fats are not good for our body, in the teen and adult age our body can process these easily but as age increases body functioning decreases. There are many foods and combinations of food that should be avoided as you are getting old.

The study found that the diet which includes more percentage of chocolate, pastries, butter, table sugar, sodas and fruit juices which have a low quantity of fruit pulp and having artificial sugar is considered to be the worst and too risky.

Senior author Carmen Piernas, a research lecturer in health care science said, people often come with the complaints that even though they have reduced the food intake, their sugar level is not reducing because we don’t eat nutrients directly, we eat a certain combination of food.

So reducing your quantity of food doesn’t matter at all. One should balance its diet and should not be confused. Her team decided to study cases one -to regulate the food, not limit the food.

They take 117,000 databases of adults age (37-73) from UK Biobank who were admitted between 2006-2010. They identified the group and nutrients, to calculate the rates of heart disease and death they use hospital and death registry records.

They grouped the participants into different foods they are, and they found those who had heavy chocolate, candy, butter, and Whitebread had a 40% higher risk of many heart diseases and early deaths. And those who have sugary beverages in their diet had a 14% more risk of heart conditions. People often get confused between sugar, fat with chocolate, confectionery, white bread, butter and high-fat cheese.

 This study will help them to differentiate between these, they should know that if they have these items in their diet and low quantity of fruits and vegetables will increase their heart diseases. The primary effect of these food items is gaining weight.

For many people, as they get into middle age, they start to gain weight. It’s because of the combination of hormonal changes, our metabolism also decreases and due to less time devoted to physical fitness and of course the food they eat.

This study says that those males who smoke from a younger age are more likely to have higher chocolates, butter, sodas in their diet, but are also some cases in which they don’t have much from these items in their diet but due to lack of exercise and activeness they tend to obesity and high blood pressure.

There are many alternatives to these food items like lean proteins, whole grains and dairy products. It’s important to have a healthy diet. But one shouldn’t completely avoid these food items, just keep a check that will fit in your dietary pattern or not.