Biden And Pence Are To Receive Covid-19 Vaccine Soon

Biden And Pence Are To Receive Covid-19 Vaccine Soon

Washington DC.

Reports from the White House say that President-elect Joe Biden is getting vaccinated against Covid-19 next week, probably on Wednesday. Mike Pence, the Vice President, will get vaccinated on Friday.

Biden And Pence Are To Receive Covid-19 Vaccine Soon

According to the transition officials, the authority is trying to frame confidence in the public in a measure that promises to wipe out the deadly virus from the country. So, both Biden and Pence will receive the dose publicly to prove to them the safety of the vaccine, before it gets widely available for the public in 2021.  

Biden, though he is at high risk as he is 78, said in a statement that he doesn’t want to be ahead of the list, but wanted to make sure that the authorities demonstrate to the public that the vaccine is safe. 

The pandemic had already killed 304,187 Americans and challenged the county’s top public health officials. The early doses of the vaccine would be available this week and given to the doctors, nurses, and others on top of the medical field. 

The officials demanded 2.9 million doses of Pfizer Inc and German partner BioNTech SE by this weekend.

Biden claims that the fight against the pandemic would be his first mission after he takes his office. He is creating his incoming administration and preparing for his inauguration that is coming in next month.

Reports claim that a great part of the American population despised the basic public health precautions like wearing masks. Only 61% of the participants in a recent poll by Reuters also said they were open to getting vaccinated.

President Trump will be vaccinated soon after his medical team’s analysis on it. He was hospitalized after becoming positive for Covid-19 a few months before.   

The White House added that Pence’s wife Karen, and Surgeon General Jerome Adams would get the vaccine with him on Friday. There is no report from Biden’s transition team when Kamala Harris, the Vice President-elected, would get the vaccine. 

Officials reported the only adverse reaction of the vaccine was held in Alaska, where a health worker had a severe allergic reaction after getting vaccinated.

Reports from the White House say that Biden is preparing for his inauguration and creating his upcoming administrative measures. He is about to choose Pete Buttigieg, the former presidential rival, as the U.S Transportation secretary to guard the USA’s aging infrastructure upgrade.

The first openly gay Cabinet Secretary is to be confirmed as the former mayor of South Bend, Buttigieg if he approves. This military veteran had served in Afghanistan and the front line of the coming generation of Democratic politicians. He is also seen as an upcoming presidential adversary. Buttigieg says that with the coming administration, Biden’s team will lead the U.S in a better way in all aspects.

Biden puts forth the idea of shaping the cabinet to be the most diverse in US history and said that the Biden-Harris cabinet would be a historic one which looks like America looking forward the best, opening doors and eliminating the obstacles, and getting access to the full range of talent.