Northeast Is In The Biggest Threat Of Heavy Snowfall


The East Coast gets severely hit by the winter storm Wednesday, after several days it took to build up strength. 

The National Weather Service warned that from Georgia to Maine, the travel conditions would be dangerous as the snow was supposed to fall all over the way.

Northeast Is In The Biggest Threat Of Heavy Snowfall

AccuWeather meteorologist Bernie Rayno said on late Tuesday that all the components of the winter storm were coming together, and she really didn’t see any way out for a lot of cities across the Northeast.

Northeast is in the Biggest Threat of Heavy Snowfall

The Weather Service said that a great fodder of the region was estimated to see a huge snowfall, most probably in some regions up to 2 feet.

A winter storm warning was declared in areas where more than a foot of snow fell, including New York City. Overall, about 50 million people would be affected as they come under such regions. According to the Weather Channel reports, it was the first warning issued during the winter weather in New York in more than a year.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio warned his people to take the condition seriously as it could be the biggest storm so far. He urged them to stay away from roads since 2,000 plowable vehicles are about to go with 330,000 tons of salt and marinade for pre-treating the 19,000 miles of roadway. 

New York is also taking some other precautions related to the current pandemic like, suspending outdoor dining in some spaces and closing the city-run Covid-19 testing sites.

Gov Phil Murphy from New Jersey said their current theme ought to be, “if it’s not one thing, it’s another,” as he gave the storm guidance.

The parts of Midwest and Mid Atlantic had already seen some minor snowfall during Wednesday morning. Reports from Weather Service Offices in Indiana and Syracuse say that the snowfall is growing.

Certain notable variations in the storm were reported as it hit cities like West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania in the morning. By evening the storm moved to the New York region and far beyond.

The estimations of AccuWeather say that around 1 to 3 inches of snowfall will occur in Washington, 2 to 4 inches in Baltimore, 4 to 8 inches in Philadelphia, and about a foot in Boston as in New York City.

This heaviest amount of snowfall of the year is to have occurred in Pennsylvania- according to calculations, where two feet of snowfall can be expected.

The snowfall so far could be bigger than last year, as the Weather Service also gives warning of the emergency that might occur if it continues as heavy as today.

The driving conditions would be in pitfall with such freezing rain, ice accumulation, and heavy snowfall.

The Weather Service said that strong onshore winds are also expected to create marshy flooding between Delaware and Jersey shore. The portion of Coastal of Mid-Atlantic is currently with warm temperatures due to wintry precipitation, also liable to flooding from heavy rainfall.