Allergy Treatment Is Crucial If Your Child Has Asthma

Allergy Treatment Is Crucial If Your Child Has Asthma

If Your Kid has both asthma and allergy whether its normal or seasonal, it is very important to treat allergy (including any type) to prevent your child’s asthma to causing worse effect as they have to spend most of the time outdoors either in summer or winter, said an expert. 

Allergy Treatment Is Crucial If Your Child Has Asthma

“Mostly in the time of winter season, when we all are cooped inside the doors and blanket, every kid wants to go outside and play, but this weather would be wee bit variable”, says Corey Martin who is a pulmonologist at a children’s hospital in Baltimore. “It tends to get little warmness but still those stretches from cold can trigger asthma and make it worse”.

Allergy Treatment Is Crucial If Your Child Has Asthma

Those Kids who are having seasonal allergy are around 2-7 times more likely to get asthma in future, Martin added. Such allergy symptoms also include a runny nose or congested, itchy and watery eyes, sneezing and usual itchy skin and also hives. This severity might vary but will not control the allergy of a child having asthma and it can also cause severe asthma. 

Martin said that kids would be waking up at nights with symptoms of asthma and they would need their medicine to control and sleep peacefully. In one research, kids having asthma reported that uncontrolled allergies have interfered with sleep, concentration in class, joy-ness in social activities and sport participation.

In case you think that your kind has allergies and especially when he/she is having asthma, Dr Martin has suggested seeing their primary care who might check and refer the kid for testing of an allergy. 

There are so many reasons which would trigger asthma that would worse it and make your kid suffer more. Some of them are Pollen, pets, bugs at home, pollution, cold air, fungus spores, dust mites and there are so many other reasons too which might differ from person to person. It is important to take necessary precautions and keep your place clean from these things to stop triggering asthma in your kid.

Martin also added that it is very important to first identify the specific kind of allergy of your child as different allergy needs different precautions and they might need other kinds of treatments. Some of them can be avoided and some of them can be treated at home to stop their asthma from getting worse. They simply need to manage it by avoiding some factors which can cause allergies. 

In case, an allergy is confirmed in your kid, you can discuss the treatment that would be very appropriate for your kid as well as their asthma. Treatment including nasal antihistamines, oral antihistamines, inhaled steroids. These treatments are only required if the situation of your kid is very worse. For normal allergy, you can refer to capsules that would help to control asthma as well as allergy. But it is very important to get treatment if your kid has any problem regarding that. Do not neglect it because it would only make your kid’s situation worse in the future.