Sleep-Deprived? Coffee Can Only Help So Much

Sleep-Deprived? Coffee Can Only Help So Much

We all know we have done it most of the time, staying up late at night and relied so much on coffee to make it to the next day. But to aware people, new research has suggested that caffeine could only do some things. That one cup of coffee or cups of coffee might keep awake the current day, but leave you subpar with your performance the next day and especially with more challenging tasks.

Sleep-Deprived? Coffee Can Only Help So Much

 “Coffee might improve your mood and make you alert for the current to finish simple tasks and also can help you to do complex tasks,” told Kimberly Fenn, who is an associate professor and also study author of this research. 

Sleep-Deprived? Coffee Can Only Help So Much

“But caffeine would never replace your night of sleep and remove your tiredness, so it is more important for an individual to give priority to sleep and in casework is important than next working day, they should avoid driving a car while having a drink or performing tasks which are high-stakes. It is important to take precautions when you are awake last night to make your day go well” Fenn said. 

To get a better result or an idea about what Coffee can do or not, try doing it in the phase of sleep loss. Researchers of this study asked around 275 individuals to complete an attention task with more challenging to compare the concentration level, and people had to do it in a specific order without leaving a single step or repeating. This whole process of the task is called place-seeping. 

Those people could stay awake in the lab for the whole night or sleeping at home. In next morning, every participant consumed one capsule which was containing 200 mg of placebo or caffeine and asked to finish both tasks.

After the completion of tasks, it was noticed that sleep loss had impaired the performance on two of the tasks. But caffeine helped them to finish the simple task successfully but they had difficulty in completing the challenging one. 

“In case you are deprived with sleep, caffeine would usually help you in the meantime to keep your awake but make you unable to remember things you have done and make difficulty with the procedure of the work,” said Michael Breus who is a sleep expert in medical field and psychologist in the lab of Los Angeles.

But he is not related to this current research. Other experts who are not related to this study have quickly noted that loss of sleep is very dangerous, mostly when you are staying awake for the very long run.

“People wear their loss of sleep like a courage badge and keep saying things like, for Caffeine, sleep is a very poor substitute but it is untrue and might be dangerous,” said sleep expert of medicine named DR. Raj Dasgupta, who is a side professor in the clinical medicine. 

This new study just showed the way at how caffeine helps us to counter one night but this sleep loss is usually chronic, added by Thomas Roth, who is director of the research center and sleep disorders.