What To Do If You Are Vaccinated But Your Child Is Not?

What To Do If You Are Vaccinated But Your Child Is Not?

At present, up to 3000000 people are receiving vaccination in the country every day. It implies that almost all parents are able to receive vaccination, not their children.  No vaccine is authorized for use among children under 16.

What To Do If You Are Vaccinated But Your Child Is Not?

Parents may be able to heave a sigh of relief. At least they are vaccinated. Still, they are not completely free as long as their children remain unvaccinated. Children are the ones who have to go to the playground. They have to spend time with their classmates. They even have to hang around friends without their parents. This comes up with the question, how to take a decision in the matter of their children spending time outside? A renowned doctor addresses all your questions in this regard:

What To Do If You Are Vaccinated But Your Child Is Not?
  1. When will the COVID 19 vaccine be available for children?

The only vaccine authorized for use among those 16 and above is from Pfizer-BioNTech. The other two are meant for those above 18 years of age. Studies are being conducted in this regard. According to experts, the results will be available for those above 12 and older by summer. Teenagers may be able to get vaccinated by the beginning of the school. Children may not get vaccinated until 2022.

  1. Isn’t it too long? What about students returning for in-person instructions for the fall?

Students can join for in-person instructions even now. There are many studies that show that the safety protocols like wearing masks will help a lot. It implies that the risk of transmission in schools is much lower than that of a community. Schools, according to experts, are the safest places children can visit. It is, however, quite important that teachers, parents and other staff there get vaccinated. This reduces the possibility of community transmission. This way, you will protect unvaccinated persons, children in particular.

  1. Lots of parents are getting vaccinated. Can parents let grandparents visit them if children are not vaccinated?

Vaccination for parents is of utmost importance. This protects them from infections. It will also prevent the transmission of the same from them. And they will also protect their unvaccinated children. According to CDC, vaccinated persons can visit a family whose parents are vaccinated but the children are not. But they have to make sure that the unvaccinated members don’t fall in the high-risk group.

  1. Can a vaccinated person visit another family where parents are vaccinated but children are not?

This is a tough question. Vaccinated grandparents visiting their own families with unvaccinated members are one thing. When two families with unvaccinated members visit each other is another story. According to experts, teenagers and adults transmit virus faster than children. A gathering of unvaccinated people may result in the transmission of the infection. The best course of action is to avoid such circumstances. If it is a must, make it outdoors. Maintain social distance and keep all the coronavirus safety protocols.

  1. Is there a safe way where families with children can come together? What will happen if three families rent a house?

If three families want to live together in a shared space, the unvaccinated members should test and self-quarantine. Seven days are the generally recommended time period for this.  If testing is not feasible, the quarantine should be for two weeks. This implies that no one should attend any other gathering during this period.

  1. Should parents visit restaurants alone? Is it fine to take their children?

There exists no one-size-fits-all solution here. And no facility offers full-proof protection. The only way out is to evaluate the risks and manage them in each member’s favor. Takeout is relatively safer. With this, you may dine out. Dining indoors is going to be a risky choice.