COVID-19 Vaccine Developers Set To Boost Additional Doses’ Production

COVID-19 Vaccine Developers Set To Boost Additional Doses’ Production

The developers of the prominent vaccines in the country promise Congress that they will ramp up with the production of more doses over the coming month.

COVID-19 Vaccine Developers Set To Boost Additional Doses’ Production

Reports said that the drug makers are in intense scrutiny to deliver the doses as per their promises. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Developers Set To Boost Additional Doses’ Production

The manufacturers said that they will be able to provide enough vaccine shots for most Americans by summer. 

Altogether, Pfizer and Moderna have shipped 75 million doses so far in the country. They were set to provide a total of 220 million doses to the country. The third vaccine from Johnson & Johnson is also about to receive approval from the federal government. 

The health officials from all the states said that the supply is delivered by the federal government still isn’t even closer to their requirement. 

U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette said that the country has begun to get vaccinated and it is the good news, whereas the bad news is that the pace is not as quickly as the country expected. She added that it was possible to get hundreds and millions of doses when the vaccine received emergency approval from the government. However, the received doses were far lesser than what they had thought. So, she wanted to enquire about what happened to the manufacturers and what they are expecting. 

The vaccine developers said that they were confident as they had enough supplies to get rid of future delays in production.  

In a hearing, both Pfizer and Moderna explained their plans to elevate the production of enough doses. By next summer, each of them also hopes they will complete the delivery of 300 million doses, according to their remarks. 

Besides, Johnson & Johnson said that it would complete the supply of 100 million doses by that time after their vaccine receives FDA’s approval. 

DeGette said that the testimony of the companies indicated they are going to have the doses which they promised the government. She said that she believed what the vaccine manufacturers had said, but she will keep an eye on it to ensure that all the doses are being manufactured. 

Meanwhile in Colorado, a paced-up shipment of the vaccine doses is being seen. 

 Biden’s Health Center COVID-19 Vaccine Program chose three health centers in Colorado last week to be a part of the mission. The program was aimed at sending vaccine doses directly to health centers every week. 

As part of the program, Colorado’s Salud Family Health Centers received their first shipment on Thursday. The CEO John Santistevan said that there were 5,600 doses and they are trying to outreach the vulnerable population, though it is quite difficult to reach the outreach. 

Later in this week, the Salud Family Health Center also received another supply of 4,600 doses, in which 1,100 doses were sent as second doses. 

The latest per day average rate of vaccination in the country is 1.28 million doses. As of today, roughly 65 million doses have been administered nationwide. This figure counted to be 20% of the total population of America.