US Reports 3770 Covid 19 Deaths In A Single Day


The United States reported its highest covid-19 death count on Tuesday. According to available reports, more than 3770 deaths were reported due to covid-19 across the country on Tuesday. The total number of infections also crossed 21 million across the US.

The governors are now working hard towards increasing the pace of the vaccine roll-out program. National Guard members are mobilized in this regard, and training is provided to volunteers to administer the vaccines across the country.

US Reports 3770 Covid 19 Deaths In A Single Day

The operation warp speed said that it distributed more than 3 million vaccines on Tuesday, and the total number of vaccines distributed across the US now stands close to 20 million. Several people, including infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, have criticized the vaccine roll-out program as it is going at a slow pace.

In California, less than 30% of the vaccines distributed have been administered so far, and this has surprised many people. Health experts said that even as some states are struggling to get enough doses of vaccines, others are keeping the vaccines in freezes without administering them to the people.

US Reports 3770 Covid 19 Deaths In A Single Day

The governor of California promised aggressive action in this regard and said that they are working hard to accelerate the process. In Arizona, National Guard members have been conducting training sessions for volunteers to support the vaccine roll-out program.

Health experts in Ohio said that the number of hospitalizations had jumped three times since November and almost seven times since October. The state is already close to running out of ICU beds, and the authorities said that more than one-quarter of the ICU beds are occupied by covid-19 patients.

Los Angeles County in California reported more than 1000 new covid-19 deaths in less than a week. Health experts are of the opinion that vaccines alone will not be enough to stop the hospitalizations and deaths immediately, and people need to take precautions in order to stop the spread of coronavirus in the community.

Health experts feel that every resident and every business has the responsibility to follow public health directives and safety measures in the situation. People are advised not to go out of home unless essential in order to avoid the risk of infection.

Georgia is also facing a similar situation, and more than 90% of ICU beds across the state are now occupied. The state has reported that one in 15 residents has been infected with the virus. The situation in Arizona is also not promising as the state reported that close to 8% of all ICU beds were available on Monday, and more than 60% of the people in the ICU are covid-19 patients.

The CDC had already indicated before the Christmas holidays that there could be a huge surge in new coronavirus cases after the holiday season. It is interesting to note that millions of people traveled across the country during the Christmas holidays.

The authorities had even asked hospitals across the country to be prepared to handle the next surge in coronavirus cases. Even after the strict warning by the CDC, millions of people traveled during the holiday season, and this is contributing to the huge increase in the number of hospitalizations in recent days.

Health experts are worried that January will be worse than December in terms of covid-19 deaths. As of now, December was the deadliest month since the pandemic, which recorded more than 77000 deaths across the country due to covid-19. The authorities say that January is likely to cross this number, taking into consideration the record number of hospitalizations across the country in recent days. Health experts feel that the next 2 months will be the toughest for the authorities to handle the pandemic.