Death Of Florida Doctor After Vaccination Under Investigation


The death of a doctor in Florida after receiving the covid-19 vaccine has come under investigation. The doctor, Gregory Micheal, aged 56, worked at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach.

He died after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke, apparently resulting from a lack of platelets. The medical examiners in Miami are investigating his death according to the reports given by the Florida department of health.

The wife of the Florida doctor said he sought emergency care 3 days after receiving the covid-19 vaccine. The Doctor had dots on his skin that indicated internal bleeding. It is not clear whether his death on Monday was related to the covid-19 vaccine he received on December 18.

Death Of Florida Doctor After Vaccination Under Investigation

The local authorities said that they had provided all available information to the CDC as the CDC and FDA are responsible for reviewing covid-19 vaccine safety data. Meanwhile, Pfizer said that they are aware of the situation and actively investigating the case. However, the company said that they do not believe at this time that there was any direct connection between the death of the doctor to the vaccine.

The company issued a statement that mentioned that there was no indication from large clinical trials or among people who received the vaccines since last month that it can be connected to such extreme side effects.

Death Of Florida Doctor After Vaccination Under Investigation

According to the CDC guidelines, the vaccine manufacturers are required by the government to monitor health problems that occur close in time to vaccination and investigate whether they are anywhere related to the covid-19 vaccines.

The CDC also issued a statement saying that 5 million people have already been vaccinated against covid-19, and using the vaccines is the most crucial step in the effort to protect Americans and save them from the covid-19 pandemic.

However, the agency continued to monitor reports with regards to vaccine safety data along with an independent committee of vaccine safety experts.

The wife of the Florida doctor said that the doctor was healthy and he was loved by everyone in the community. The Doctor had delivered hundreds of healthy babies while working at the hospital and worked tirelessly through the pandemic.

After the doctor became sick, a team of doctors from across the country tried to raise the platelet count for about two weeks. However, there was no improvement in his condition, and he was conscious until he suffered a stroke. Unfortunately, the doctor died within minutes after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke.

She added that the doctor was a vaccine advocate. However, she expressed doubts about its safety and said that people should be aware that side effects can happen, and it had destroyed a beautiful life in this situation.

The CDC is worried about such extreme side effects as this can have a negative impact on the mass vaccination program. As of now, very few cases of mild side effects have been reported to the CDC in the last one month. Among the five million doses of vaccines administered across the US, only about 10 cases of mild side effects have been reported to the CDC.

In the case of the death of the Florida doctor, it is not yet certain if the doctor developed symptoms after receiving the vaccine. The authorities are investigating the case, and the CDC is updated about all the developments with regard to this case.

In the initial stages of the vaccination program, few cases of adverse reactions were reported in some hospitals. However, most of them were not severe, and the conditions were resolved within a short duration of time after providing emergency medical treatment. For this reason, CDC has issued guidelines for hospitals to monitor the health condition of the people carefully for about 15 minutes after administering the vaccine.