The US Bans The Dogs For 1 Year To Prevent Rabies

The US Bans The Dogs For 1 Year To Prevent Rabies

US government had planned a 1-year ban on dogs because dogs are being brought from 100 countries as rabies is the happening problem because of them. Mike Stobbe a senior author and a medical writer stated that dogs are the main problem for the spread of rabies as it is a deadly virus spread to people from animals by its saliva.

The US Bans The Dogs For 1 Year To Prevent Rabies

In New York Times, US health officials had announced that there will be a one-year ban for dogs from other countries to America country. This ban continues up to July 14 to control the spread of rabies. This decision was appreciated by Douglas Kratt president of the medical association of American veterinary.

The US Bans The Dogs For 1 Year To Prevent Rabies

Health federation stated that symptoms of rabies are dreadful for humans. The symptoms to faced are headache, fever, excess salivation, paralysis, mental confusion, and muscle spasms. This can be treated by the medical physician with a requirement of medical diagnosis. If rabies is affected it needs critical emergency care.

Disease control and prevention centers said that dogs traveling from one country to another country should carry proof with rabies vaccination. The reason to announce a ban is puppies of small age are not applicable for vaccination but if the puppies travel from one country to another country can be infected with rabies to prevent rabies ban of dogs has been announced. 

Kratt said that, if dogs are carried then the dog should be certified as a healthy dog. This ban is also applicable for dogs in sale and adoption. A veterinarian in Lacrosse at Wisconsin said that if the dog is infected with rabies and you want to bring the dog back then, the dog should be spent over 6 months until it was vaccinated.

Researchers said that 1 million dogs are brought into the US every year; this ban could be applied to 4 percent of dogs among 7.5 percent of dogs. Officials had informed that exceptions may be declared in some unnecessary situations, for example, blind people who are traveling with guide dogs are exceptional to the US. 

According to the survey many dogs are rejected for traveling from three countries; Ukraine, Colombia, and Russia. CDC (centers of disease control and prevention) by experiencing the three countries they informed to ban dogs from all the countries. Emily Pieracci a CDC member and Rabies expert said that most of the rejections were done because of fraudulent paperwork with a mention of a higher age than the pet’s current age. Rabies is considered a fatal disease for both humans and animals because it is caused by the virus through (CNS) central nervous system. Rabies might not have a cure in animals but it can be prevented.

Health reporters said that rabies is developed in Mexico country in the year 1988 and it took nearly 19 years to prevent the virus. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for dogs had been increased to develop a furry companionship. But in this pandemic lockdown vaccination programs were remained closed to ensure more safety of COVID-19.