The Search For The Origin Story Still Continues

The Search For The Origin Story Still Continues

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit us, we were absolutely clueless about its nature, severity and all other aspects. Last year at the same time, when multiple countries went under lockdown some agencies tried to trace the origins of the newly emerged strain of the coronavirus. The origins were traced back to the animal market in Wuhan, China but the complete analysis could not be done at the time.

The Search For The Origin Story Still Continues

The blame game was on and world leaders were accusing each other in times of extreme crisis. The World Health Organisation was one of the investigative agencies and their research had found that eating undercooked bats had caused the disease in humans. As the cases had first emerged in China, the investigative agencies wanted to do thorough research on the origins and the probability of any further new diseases that could emerge in the coming times. But due to a lack of cooperation from the Chinese Government, the investigation got stalled. 

The Search For The Origin Story Still Continues

In recent developments, the Chief of the World Health Organisation has said that evidence was dismantled and the agency was not allowed to do its job properly to trace the origins of the deadly coronavirus. The researchers have also claimed that if they were given complete access to the undisclosed data, they could have controlled the pandemic a little earlier. This comes after the press conference which was headed by the WHO Chief where he disclosed the facts that the research team faced a lot of difficulties.

There were a lot of conspiracy theories revolving around the virus. It was even said that the new strain of the coronavirus was being developed in one of the highly technical Chinese laboratories and somehow because of negligence, it spread among humans. This false narrative has been quashed a number of times and the research team at the World Health Organisation have also disapproved of this. There can be probably four possible ways for the transmission of the coronavirus to humans. One of them could be the direct transfer of the virus from the animal source to the human population.

All these false narratives cannot be put to rest unless proper research work is done. Potential evidence is required for doing the same which cannot be accessed unless and until the Chinese government cooperates. The Covid-19 has been the worst health crisis in the past century. Nobody had thought that with so much development taking place, we will be hit by such a grave disease that would cripple us in the way it did. To avoid the same circumstances in the future, being prepared is necessary and for that, the best research team should start their work.

The recent trip of the World Health Organisation research team which included 17 members ended recently. The press conference was held to disclose the findings in the newest investigation. The research team was hopeful that they would come to some conclusions, but that was not possible. The research team was only able to find out that the virus was transmitted to humans through an intermediary host, but the host could not be identified. Another new theory that has emerged regarding the virus is that the transmission occurred through cold-stored food items. 

These findings can only be confirmed only by all the data that is available but not by anything that has been concealed. But it is important to focus on the better and brighter side. We should applaud the research companies and vaccine manufacturers that they have achieved milestones in curing this disease and have saved all of us. These companies and researchers have worked on the limited data that was available and definitely deserve all the appreciation.


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