Spending Time In Green Spaces May Reduce Workplace Stress


According to the World Health Organisation, chronic workplace stress is now considered as a disease. As the work culture is undergoing drastic changes in recent decades, many people are working long hours and this is leading to occupational stress.

During the study, it was found that individuals who see themselves with high regards are more resilient during stressful life events. When the individual is having confidence about managing different aspects of life and finds meaning in everyday life, it becomes easy to handle stress at the workplace and other areas. However, several employees may not be able to deal with stress and the worst part is that they do not even realise that they are under severe stress.

Spending Time In Green Spaces May Reduce Workplace Stress

It is generally perceived that individuals who are staying with family and have better education and earnings are more likely to have higher ability to handle stress. Apart from that, it was also  noticed that non-smokers have better ability to handle stress than smokers. In the same manner, physical exercise also played a major role when it comes to managing stress. It was clearly evident from the studies that people who regularly exercise had better ability to manage stress than those who did not exercise

Spending Time In Green Spaces May Reduce Workplace Stress

When the researchers analysed several participants on how often they reported walking in green spaces, it was evident that people who spent time walking in nature were able to reduce the stress by a significant margin. Researchers also noticed that other factors including, age, marital status, household income, educational background, physical exercise and smoking habits also played a major role along with these factors.

According to the latest studies, researchers are of the opinion that people who walked in green spaces or forests at least once a week showed a significant decrease in stress and better ability to manage occupational stress in the long run. The study is in line with various other previous studies that were done in this regard. It was also evident from previous studies that taking a walk in natural habitats can lead to lowering the risk of psychological stress related diseases.

Researchers suggest that people can spend some time in the parks and Gardens once in a week to effectively manage occupational stress. There is no need to use any special equipment or training and a simple walking regime will be more than enough to improve mental health and manage stress in the long run. Experts say that people can get better results when this becomes a habit for an extended duration of time. It was evident from the studies that people who regularly spent time in green spaces had better abilities to handle occupational related stress.

One of the limitations of the study was that it was mostly done in urban areas and most of the participants had higher levels of education and better household income. The target audience were mostly people working in offices and had very less physical strain associated with their work.

Considering this situation, people who work in offices and do not have much physical exercise can take this as a motivating factor and spend some time in the green spaces on a regular basis. In this manner, the occupational stress can be reduced to a significant margin in the long run. Apart from that, the ability to deal with troublesome situations also improves by a huge margin when the mind is calm and active.

For this reason, several companies have large green spaces so that people can destress themselves by spending some time in open areas. This becomes even more important for people working in busy cities as the factors that lead to occupational stress are more in these circumstances.


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