Research: Obesity Can Lead To Second Cancer

Research: Obesity Can Lead To Second Cancer

In the human body, most diseases are caused due to an unhealthy lifestyle by which the bodyweight increases and results in obesity and other health-related problems, like diabetes and heart diseases. In a recent study, the researchers found that excessive weight can even cause Cancer. They found that the breast cancer survivors who were obese and overweight are more prone to get affected with cancer again.

Research: Obesity Can Lead To Second Cancer

They said obesity is a very important factor for the rise of second cancer, and from the reports, 55% of all cancers in women is because of obesity and overweight. The ones who are diagnosed with breast cancer are 18% more prone to developing second cancer when compared to the whole population; this is mainly due to the factors between the 1st and 2nd cancer that is genetic susceptibility from breast cancer treatment.

Research: Obesity Can Lead To Second Cancer

A senior investigator from Kaiser Permanente Colorado Institute for health research and Heather Spencer Feigelson said ‘The risk is very high compared to initial breast cancer, and it’s just a piece of fact that shows how excessive weight can lead to second Cancer.

The researchers reviewed over 6500 breast cancer patients for more information and found almost equal percentages of normal weights and overweight. Reports state that women diagnosed with minor invasions of breast cancer, but the second one is more intensive due to an increased level of their BMI.

They said that their study examined whether the cancer survivors are at more risk of developing second cancer and the factors that lead to this. Of The patients they reviewed, 822 women have developed second cancer that is around 13% and in those, nearly 62% were due to obesity, and 40% were breast cancer.

A total of 508 is obesity-related cancer, of which 283 were postmenopausal breast cancer, i.e. 70 colon cancer, 68 were uterine cancer, 21 were ovarian cancer, 23 pancreatic cancer and 14 were kidney cancers. The thyroid, oesophagal, gallbladder, liver and stomach related were less than 10.

The analysis showed that with an increase of 5 kg in weight, the BMI also increased, and second cancer risk also increased. A higher BMI resulted in a: 7% more risk of second cancer, 13% risk of second cancer related to obesity Cancer, 11% greater risk of second breast cancer, and 15% greater risk of second estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer.

Feigelson says, increase in weight appears to be a key factor for increased risk of cancer, and shedding some pounds can help, but as we know, losing weight is difficult, and that too for a person who is diagnosed with cancer. Reducing the weight indeed helps decrease the risk, but for best results, women even got bariatric surgery (weight loss); they lose more and have a lower risk of cancer.

Losing weight is undoubtedly a tough job but is to be done for your own health. Those diagnosed with cancer (breast) should try to do some basic exercises and include a healthy diet in their routine.

As your treatment is going on so eating healthy and doing exercises will surely help in the treatment. Some reports suggest that taking help from your doctors, friends, and family helps make a plan and even helps to motivate them, which eventually creates a good atmosphere. We know that patients have to be strong physically and emotionally for a quick recovery.