Living Well With Chronic Diseases

Living Well With Chronic Diseases

Chronic disease is a very serious health condition, and it is long-term, and its effect can be shown as an experience till death. Thus, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, respiratory condition, and arthritis in this modern world, the leading cause of death, is the disorder. We believe there are 70% of deaths due to chronic diseases, and almost one in the two Americans has at least one of this condition.

Living Well With Chronic Diseases

The main factors contributing to chronic disease are any disability and premature death due to lack of physical activity, nutrition, and excessive alcohol consumption. The most important reason is obesity. About 1 out of 3 adults in America is overweight, and three are obese. It’s not only with an adult, but children under 18 are also obese.

Living Well With Chronic Diseases

Numerous reports have found that the various pieces of evidence for the prevention that effectively reduces the effect of the condition said that early detection results in less actual outcome. In some cases of taking proper treatment, the disease has some loophole that is not completely treated. The treatment’s effectiveness can be excellent, but in long-term disease, the results of lots of time and money and lacking any of these most patients are not treated properly.

This chronic health issue faced by people is getting half the medical treatment. This is because of not making the decision on the right time for the treatment, neglecting it, listening to the doctors, and not taking their medicine seriously.

There are numerous public Health programs started by the government and the local organization is to spread awareness and educate people and promote a healthy lifestyle. The program benefits in different levels for funding. It can be local, private, and community-based.

After getting treatment, symptoms can be repaired and lead to life and example, diabetes after taking all the medication and proper prevention and cure, the disease will remain life long and if it is not controlled on time leads to death, but if it is controlled you have a person to live with disease lifelong taking prevention in the long term.

Various organizations help the patients affected with chronic disease and how to live with the condition efficiently. ADRC, which is ‘the aging and disability resource center ‘of dodge, will start a workshop that’s called ‘living well with the chronic condition.’

This workshop spreads awareness about all the factors such as various types of chronic diseases, the consequences, and if appropriately treated, how to live with the condition efficiently with a good lifestyle and preventive measures. This workshop is also helpful because awareness and the literacy of chronic health issues increase among patients affected by these conditions and can spend less by getting hospitalized.

This is a six-week program virtually on zoom from 7th April on every Thursday until 12 with 62 sessions. This program is open for all adults who have a chronic condition or who wanted to get over it. They will discuss the leading chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis HIV AIDS, high blood pressure depression, chronic pain, etc. This is a free workshop.

By doing all these kinds of programs, people get to know how to take care of themselves and improve their health conditions by living a good lifestyle and using prevention tips.