Kids Going To School Again, The Pre-Covid Era Returns

Kids Going To School Again, The Pre-Covid Era Returns

As things are slowly and gradually going back to normal, schools and education institutions are opening up, students and especially kids need to return to the environment in which they once lived. One of those side effects of the pandemic that we need to deal with is that children need to adjust once again to the social environment that they were used to.

Kids Going To School Again, The Pre-Covid Era Returns

The children have suffered a lot due to a lack of social interaction. They were confined within the walls of their houses and now, all of a sudden, they will be exposed to a social environment. 

According to experts, it is going to be hard for the unsocial kids to get back to normal. People had made zoom calls in their life and the same was applicable to the kids. They were attending classes on zoom calls. The virtual social interaction is limited and adapting to the new scenario is going to be difficult. Some of the parents are delighted that their kids would be able to go back to normalcy and enjoy their time with friends in the outdoors or the school premises. One of the mothers from Durham County says that she is delighted that her child would now be able to attend school in person and the days won’t be spent attending zoom calls.

The number  of children returning could be more than other comparative years because a lot of loss has been suffered by the children in regard to their education. Only theoretical knowledge has been imparted via virtual classes, but now when the classroom system is returning, more emphasis can be put on practical knowledge as well. The summer school is going to be overwhelmed with children as many will be back to school for the learning process after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

A good step is being taken by the state schools to provide bonuses to the teaching faculty so that more and more teachers would take part in the summer programme. These initiatives are well planned out to improve the engagements of the people. The Biden Administration is continuously working towards realistic goals and they have encouraged the States to invest billions of dollars in the summer programme for better results when schools reopen.

The US Department of Education said that they are clueless as to how many students would enroll in the summer programme. The predictions of what would be the number of children who would sign up cannot be made as it is really early. But the estimations are that more than 3.3 million students are set to enroll in the summer programme for the year 2021. It is way higher than the previous enrollments that took place in the summer of 2019. For example, In Alabama, the first day of June was the deadline. More than 28,000 students had already enrolled in the summer program.

These numbers are way up than the typical enrollments, which are usually around 2,500. The same was the case seen in Philadelphia, where more than 14,000 students enrolled for in-person programmes. These numbers were around 9,000 last year when the sessions were being conducted virtually. 

It is not realistic to say that these summer programmes will mend the gaps created between the kids due to the pandemic, but it is definitely going to be a start. The summer programme will definitely boost the interaction of kids and they might enjoy being out and about their house after so long.