Eliminate Racism To Treat And Care For Headache & Migraine

Eliminate Racism To Treat And Care For Headache & Migraine

According to HealthDay News, a new study has fallen out by mentioning that, the color of your body may decide the treatment for your headache. This study can be a warning for migraine people. On this note, investigators had stated that “the similar percentage of black people, white people, and Hispanic Americans on 15 percent will suffer from the severe headaches and migraines.

Eliminate Racism To Treat And Care For Headache & Migraine

Based on the current analysis which a survey conducted by the 16 experts in headache disorders had found that black people have fewer chances to receive headache or migraine treatment. Whereas; white people are three times more eligible to undergo hospital treatment for their critical condition compared to children of other races or castes.

Eliminate Racism To Treat And Care For Headache & Migraine

On the results, black people and Hispanic American participants/patients are 25 percent or 50 percent less likely for having an immediate migraine complete diagnosis compared to white peers. Respectively white people are more beneficial for this kind of treatment.

Dr. Jessica Kiarashi has stressed in this study, she is a senior author had stated that “migraine and headache with severity conditions are equal for all the American, African, and Hispanic groups with disparities that would exist in reality”.

Based on the disparities the institutional and systemic racism plays a major role said, Kiarashi the assistant professor in the neurology department at the medical center of UT southwestern in Dallas. She also said that “the alternative steps which are done to address and rectify the disparities on the needs of an important cultural shift in the current society mainly in the health care field. This study has examined the issue and analyzed the past publications on the literature on headaches.

According to the review given by the participants determines that “black patients are getting care for migraines of 46 percent, comparatively 72 percent of care and treatment is given to the white patients. The cause of headaches is comparatively 47 percent and 70 percent among black people and white people. Whereas; the medications of both people are shown by 14 percent versus 37 percent.

Researchers stated that if the headache is untreated for black people there may be a serious severity with pain which leads to a worse life throughout. The findings have shown that Hispanics are 50 percent less diagnosed compared to white patients which also includes medication.

In recent research, the study team had found that there is no link between the race of humans on their health issues of headache or migraines. The actual truth behind this is black people are treated as less employed so that they are treated as not diagnosable. Whereas white people are employed so they are treated for their health issues. Avoiding the treatments may show the risk in the severity of chronic problems.

On a severe note, racial bias should be stopped in order to get treatment on headaches and other health issues as well, said Roberts. “To close the thin line gap between this health care providers should treat all-races people equally to stay healthy for creating a healthy environment in the surroundings all over the world,” said the senior author.