Coronavirus Updates: Monitor Covid Symptoms At Home


The covid 19 pandemic is posing a great threat to the health care system in the US in recent weeks. In the last two months, more than 10 million new cases have been recorded across the country. This is a scary picture considering the fact that it took nearly 8 months to reach the first 10 million cases in the US. The total cases have now crossed 20 million, and the CDC expects that the next few weeks will be worse than what we have seen in the past.

Coronavirus Updates: Monitor Covid Symptoms At Home

In this situation, it is important to stay alert as the cases can rise further due to Christmas holiday travels and other events in the past. You can stay safe if you avoid moving out of home for the next few weeks. When this is not entirely possible, make sure that you wear a mask and practice social distancing as much as possible in public places. This will reduce the chances of catching the infection by a huge margin.

Monitor Covid Symptoms At Home

Apart from that, you should also monitor the health regularly at home and get in touch with your doctor if you notice any symptoms associated with covid 19. This will help you to detect the infection at an early stage and take suitable medication to avoid further complications. Many people who face severe illness visit the hospitals after their condition worsens, and this is the reason for the increase in intensive care patients in the past. You can avoid this situation by monitoring your health on a regular basis.

The first thing you need to understand is that the covid 19 symptoms are not the same in every individual. They vary by a huge margin, and some people may not display any symptoms at all. However, it makes a lot of sense to keep a tab on your blood pressure and sugar levels when you are having any symptoms of covid 19. If you are suffering from diabetes, covid 19 aggravates the situation and leads to various complications in the long run. Monitor your sugar levels at home by using suitable medical equipment.

In the same manner, you need to understand that covid 19 affects your lungs in a big way, and it causes various respiratory illnesses. It can cause inflammation in several areas of the body in a short duration of time. When you are suffering from respiratory issues, the oxygen levels in the blood reduce by a significant margin. You can easily monitor this level by using a pulse oximeter at home. This small device can be clipped to your finger, and you can get to know the blood oxygen level within a matter of a few minutes.

In this manner, it will help you to determine when you need hospitalization. If you notice that your blood oxygen levels are lower than normal, it is a clear indication that you need emergency medical attention. By making such quick decisions, you will be able to avoid complications in the future. The pulse oximeter gives results with good accuracy, and you can easily rely on this equipment. It is very easy to use the device at home without any medical supervision, as it is not invasive. Even hospitals also use such equipment to monitor the blood oxygen level in most patients.

You should also be careful about any abnormality with regard to your heartbeat. If you notice any such symptoms, immediately consult your doctor and get the required medical treatment. Finally, you should also be aware that covid 19 can affect your sense of smelling and tasting by some margin. It is very easy to check your ability to smell and taste as you can do it with everyday items at home.