Can Alzheimer’s Be Cured By The New Drug?

Can Alzheimer’s Be Cured By The New Drug?

The one disease that is prevalent in the older population of the country is Alzheimer’s. The worst part about this disease is that there is no cure for this. Once it starts affecting you, there is no going back. The condition deteriorates and eventually, it leads to the end of a lifetime. Nobody would want to forget all the good memories, but this disease takes away those golden moments of your life. Several studies are being done on Alzheimer’s and the world is desperately waiting for a breakthrough. 

Can Alzheimer’s Be Cured By The New Drug?

Many studies are being conducted in numerous corners of the world for finding the cure for Alzheimer’s. But here is what is interesting. We might be very close to finding the solution for this dreadful disease. Recent developments indicate a drug that can help with Alzheimer’s.

Can Alzheimer’s Be Cured By The New Drug?

This drug might be the breakthrough the world wanted. Seven out of ten patients can get healed from Alzheimer’s if they are administered this drug, recent studies and trials have revealed. Now, this is no ordinary news but a milestone achievement that needs to be acknowledged. The hard work put in by researchers and scientists can finally pay off if this drug has the slightest chance to stand out as a cure for Alzheimer’s.

The name of the drug is Donanemab and it has significantly slowed down the process of brain decline once it is administered to Alzheimer’s patients. These end results were published in the New England Journal of medicine.

The company that manufactured the experimental disease is Elly Lily and they have successfully tested the drugs on patients and have gained positive results. Elly Lily has a glorious past in breakthrough medicines and the company’s efforts have been recognized worldwide. Artificial insulin was developed by Elly Lily and it was an exceptional contribution to the field of medicine. So, considering all this the new drug Donanemab can be the significant discovery of recent times. 

The study which was conducted for the drug included more than 250 patients who were diagnosed to be affected by the earliest stage of Alzheimer’s. Almost 130 patients received the test drug and 120 of them received the placebo or the fake drug which they thought was the real Donanemab. After 76 weeks of rigorous efforts and continuous administration of the drug, patients who were administered Donanemab saw significant positive developments. The rate of brain decline had significantly dropped in the patients who had shown positive developments because of the concerned drug. 

This proves that the drug is working and can prove to be the cure we all were waiting for. Some experts say that the drug is still in trials and 18 months is not a large period to judge the effectiveness of a trial phase drug. Experts say that the results may be early but they have shown the results which were expected. More work is needed in the field of Alzheimer’s medicine but Donanemab is a pretty good start. These recent developments have again raised our hopes towards the cure. 

There was no active drug trial approved by the FDA for finding the cure for Alzheimer’s since 2004. It was almost like drug manufacturing had given up all hopes but Elly Lily can emerge out as a savior. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia and has crippled a lot of people worldwide. Discovering a cure for this disease can prove to be very helpful and save many more lives in the future.