Big Storm Threatens Holiday Plans Across The US

Big Storm Threatens Holiday Plans Across The US

There is bad news for Travellers ahead of the Christmas holidays across the US.

The powerful storm that is running across the north and central regions of the US is now shifting towards the East and south of the US.

This is likely to affect the travel plans for millions of Americans during the Christmas holidays.

Big Storm Threatens Holiday Plans Across The US

Heavy snow accompanied by winds has made travel conditions very difficult according to the national weather service.

Big Storm Threatens Holiday Plans Across The US

The authorities said that the wind chills could come down to 35 degrees below zero in some parts of Dakotas.

Several regions could see snowfall up to 6 inches, and this can affect travel in a big way.

In the next few days, a storm is likely to move across the Eastern half of the US.

The Eastern region is likely to face extreme weather during the Christmas holidays according to the weather Service Department.

They also warned the residents to be prepared for potential flooding rain in some parts of the East. According to the forecast, about 3 inches of rain is expected in this region.

As the rainfall is coming just after a snowfall, it is likely to melt the snow rapidly, and this can cause severe flooding.

Apart from that, the rain can add a lot of weight to the rooftop of buildings that are already covered by heavy snow.

Along with this, the winds are also forecast to hit the area with a speed of nearly 60 mph. This can send trash cans and several other holiday decoration items as dangerous projectiles.

Residents should be careful when they are venturing outside as there are chances of trees getting knocked out due to high winds. This can severely affect Road travel and pose a great risk to motorists.

As the temperatures remain below zero in many regions, this will also support snowfall and most regions may receive several inches of snowfall during the Christmas season.

The forecast for Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas is not looking good as the region is expected to receive severe thunderstorms and tornadoes during the holiday season.

The weather service has warned that Christmas day will be bone-chilling across the Eastern region of the US.

The snowfall had caused severe disruption in travel last week, and thousands of flights were cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

The authorities had given a strict warning for people who want to travel by road. The airlines had canceled several flights due to bad weather conditions, and most of the travelers had to change their plans during the last week.

While things appeared promising for this week, the news of the storm continuing through the Christmas week has dampened the spirit of many travellers.

According to the reports by TSA, close to 1 million people have traveled across the US every day since the last weekend. Airlines are doing good business after a very long time due to the holiday rush.

However, the CDC has warned Travellers that the country can see a huge surge in the number of new coronavirus cases due to holiday travel.

Many travelers are not taking the pandemic seriously, and most of them are traveling back home to meet their family members for Christmas.

These things are better avoided during the pandemic as the situation is not yet under control and several hospitals are overflowing with covid-19 patients.

States like California are having a tough time dealing with the pandemic as the hospitals are running out of ICU beds.

The situation is so bad that the medical staff is working for long hours without taking a break due to continuous inflow of covid-19 patients into the hospitals.

The state has seen a record number of hospitalizations and death in recent weeks.