Alcohol Diseases And Liver Damage Increased In The Lockdown

Alcohol Diseases And Liver Damage Increased In The Lockdown

According to the Health Day news, many people drink alcohol just to release the stress and be free from the hustle but now a new study claimed that in this pandemic people have increased the consumption in this lockdown due to which now people are more prone to alcohol diseases.

Alcohol Diseases And Liver Damage Increased In The Lockdown

The cases for the diseases caused due to alcohol consumption and liver damage issues increased in the lockdown and are continuously increasing according to Dr. Waihong who is a research fellow in the gastroenterology at the Medical school of Brown University located in R.I.

Alcohol Diseases And Liver Damage Increased In The Lockdown

Chung also added that the study was on the patients who were able to come to the hospital for the treatment and the hospital provided those data, but the data does not include those people who were unable to visit the hospital, and their situation may be critical. He said that the situation put there is even worse which is not described in the papers.

The study according to the latest news is rescheduled for May 21 in the meeting of the Virtual Digestive Disease week. In the study, the researchers took data of the patients who visited doctors of GI while in lockdown and also post lockdown during the phase of Covid-19 and reopening period in the Island of Rhode from 23 march to May 10 of the year 2020. The researchers then compared the results with those which were taken in the year 2019.

The number of patients consulting a GI decreased by a percentage of 27, in the lockdown due to various reasons like shelter-in place issues, but the ratios of the patients suffering from alcohol diseases and liver damage increased by a percentage of 60. This data includes both the patients who suffered from inflammation in the liver and alcohol disease.

As the number of consultations was rising due to the removal of shelter in orders the rise in the alcohol-related visits to the doctors increased by 80 percent which was the highest In the decade. The number of patients who visited the hospital due to alcohol hepatitis rose to almost double as compared to the pre-pandemic situation in the year 2019, and most of the people needed endoscopic regulations who experienced bleeding which showed that the condition is even worse than what we see on paper.

The symptoms of alcoholic Hepatitis may include abnormal pain in the abdomen, jaundice, Vomiting, nausea leg swelling, and many more. According to Dr. Steven who is a liver specialist in Chicago, these people never had such issues due to drinking but suddenly the dose increased so much that they are now seriously ill and also have a risk of death due to the diseases.

He exclaimed that t is very funny that people were aware of the covid-19 situation and the lockdown imposed by the government, but people became so sick that they did not see the pandemic and the lockdown and visited the hospital for the alcohol diseases and liver damage which show that the situation is worse.