The Urge Made Us Do It Again

The Urge Made Us Do It Again

The pandemic has stressed all of us. The desperation to step out of the home and the fear of catching the coronavirus disease are adding to the cause. To give rid of such mind-boggling thoughts people are resorting to different measures and one of them is to start smoking. The advertisements that say Smoking is injurious to health are there for a reason. Smoking is very hazardous to health and can affect you pretty badly health-wise.

The Urge Made Us Do It Again

Chain Smokers suffer through numerous health issues and we do not want that to happen to people. It has been a year since the pandemic started. Initially, the fear was only for the virus but as time has progressed there are multiple worries present in the current scenario. One of them is people opting for smoking to relieve stress. These are the troubling effects of the pandemic that have started to show now. These issues are highly concerning and need immediate attention for us as a part of the ‘new normal’ society.

WE do not need to stigmatize everything. We should work towards solving the problem and not making a taboo of it. We know all this for sure that people have gone back to smoking because of the facts we have collected. Many smokers called for help at the quit smoking hotlines available across the United States of America. This also raises concerns that people are not willing to smoke but are resorting to it as a method to relieve stress and anxiety.

People have so many troubles when they are trying to quit the habit of eating tobacco or for their addiction to nicotine. Just imagine the pain which smokers have to face in these uncertain times. We are worried for a reason and want to help those helpless individuals who are facing troubles of stressful life and returning back to smoking, one of the experts exclaimed. There are many other habits as well on which Americans have shifted their focus. Overeating, Opioid overdoses, and delayed cancer screenings are some of the other challenges of the pandemic time.

Covid-19 was not just a health emergency that disclosed our vulnerabilities but it also showed that we were not prepared for something like this. The virus has hit some people like a wall and they are the ones who are finding it the most difficult for them to deal with the current situation. Researchers are stressing on the idea that anti-smoking counselors need to get back to work and spread more and more public awareness to stop people from smoking. The researchers have also shown concern about the reducing number of quit smoking hotlines. One of them said that the number of quick call hotlines should be going up and not down. This should happen because sometimes all a person wants is to talk to someone.

One of the people who had quit smoking way before the pandemic started has now become a chain smoker. He says starting to smoke was a decision he made out of stress. It made him feel calm and composed when he felt stressed throughout the course of the house arrests. He regrets his decision to resume smoking again, but he had no other option that could comfort him in these trying times.

Usually, such relapse in people is seen when they have experienced something very traumatic in their lives. This assumption seems true because the pandemic was also one of the most horrific situations of our times and it still is.

We just hope that with vaccinations and other necessary precautions, we can eliminate the virus as soon as possible and go back to normalcy. And to the people who have resorted to unconventional stress-relieving methods, I can assure you this too shall pass.