The United States Pledges Support To India In Its Valiant Fight To Control Covid-19 Spread

The United States Pledges Support To India In Its Valiant Fight To Control Covid-19 Spread

 U.S. President has said The United States will help India in the fight against Coronavirus. President Biden told The Associated Press on Sunday 25 April and recalled that India had sent assistance to the United States as U.S. Hospitals were strained during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Associated Press reported a tweet from President Biden that the United States would help India in its time of need. 

The United States Pledges Support To India In Its Valiant Fight To Control Covid-19 Spread

The Situation of the Pandemic is severe in India as the Covid- 19 Pandemic hit back in a devastating second wave and more than 300,000 cases were being detected and registered in a single day. Hospitals and health care services have been stretch to the limit and there is reportedly also a crisis of life-saving oxygen for critical patients who are on ventilators.

The United States Pledges Support To India In Its Valiant Fight To Control Covid-19 Spread

Earlier on Sunday, the White House said that the United States is working around the clock to immediately send drug treatment and Rapid Diagnostic Covid-19 kits to India. The Associated Press reported that the United States is also planning to send Ventilators, Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), and Oxygen supplies. 

The Associated Press also reported that the United States is planning to follow up the action by providing raw material for the manufacture of the Covishield vaccine. Another follow-up action that the United States is planning to do is to pay for the expansion of production capacity for the Manufacturer BioE so that it can manufacture at least a billion does of the Covid- 19 Vaccine. 

The US White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki expressed her condolences for the suffering in India due to the pandemic. She added that the United States is working closely with Indian officials at the political and at the expert level to understand how they can help India in this time of crisis. 

Jen Psaki further said that the United States has made vaccine partnership a big priority including with their Quad partners and revealed India is one of the partners. She added in a regular briefing to Republic world that the United States is in discussion to develop and distribute vaccines in the coming days. She further added during the Friday 23 April press briefing that the United States had also provided training to the Indian state and local health officials.

Anthony Fauci, US Infectious Diseases Expert stated that, according to his studies, India’s situation is very terrible and that vaccines are a basic requirement for India. He added that the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is also in touch with Indian officials in this regard. 

The ANI reported that another U.S. Health official Jeff Zients said that the United States is committed to sharing the vaccine and that they would expand their ideas as soon as production of the vaccine in the United States increases. 

The world is gradually getting a better understanding of how badly the second wave of Covid-19 is wreaking havoc in India. Several countries including France, Russia, China and the United Kingdom have already pledged to help India battle the pandemic. News X reported that following worldwide outrage, the United States has now agreed to aid India combat the pandemic. 

The united States is sending 5 Tonnes of the Oxygen concentrator. As per the latest details, this urgent consignment is on its way to India. 

It may be recalled that the United States Chamber of Commerce had recommended to President Biden on 23 April to send millions of does of Astrozenca vaccine presently held in cold storage to India.                   

Money Control News reported on 24 April that US national Security Advisor Jake Sullivan spoke to Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and offered to send resources and supplies to the Serum Institute of India along with other resources.

The United States is assisting India with its Covid-19 battle. The United States stands to win the gratitude of the world and India. Immediate despatch of the life-saving support to India will help reduce the spread of this deadly virus.