Testing Decreased Despite Surge In Coronavirus Cases


Even as the number of coronavirus cases continued to increase across the country, the testing has declined in the last week. According to available data, 1.5 million fewer tests were conducted across the US this week when compared to last week. In several states, the numbers were very less due to holidays.

Health experts say that the testing centers were closed for holidays across many states, and this is the main reason for the low numbers for the week. However, the testing has to increase by a huge margin in the next few weeks as the holiday season is likely to create a huge surge in coronavirus cases. Many experts, including the CDC, have warned that a surge is likely post-holidays, and hospitals need to be ready to face the situation.

Testing Decreased Despite Surge In Coronavirus Cases

According to experts, apart from regular testing for covid positive cases, the labs should also focus on conducting tests to determine the strain of the virus. It is essential to keep track of the covid strain that is spreading across the US as a new strain of coronavirus was recently found in the UK that is spreading at a faster pace. Many people worry that the new strain might have reached the US.

Testing Decreased Despite Surge In Coronavirus Cases

Considering this situation, the CDC has recommended strict guidelines for travelers coming from the UK. As per the new guidelines, travelers from the UK have to undergo mandatory covid testing, and they will be allowed only if they test negative. Apart from that, they have to quarantine themselves for two weeks and maintain social distancing. If the travelers are found violating the norms, they will be fined, and suitable action will be taken by the local health officials.

As many flights from the UK land in New York, the state wanted to completely ban flights from Britain. However, the CDC has not recommended closing borders with Britain, and they have only recommended mandatory testing and other restrictions on travelers from the UK. Some people felt that the new strain might have already reached the US. However, there is no confirmation in this regard, and further testing is needed to verify such claims.

The CDC has also recommended that travelers within the US should also go for testing before they take the flight. In this way, they will be able to avoid traveling if they test positive for the virus. Apart from that, the CDC also recommended that travelers should take the covid test after a few days after completing the journey. In this way, the travelers can check if they got infected while traveling in flight. Such measures will make traveling safe for everyone, and the much-anticipated surge in cases post-holiday can be avoided.

According to experts, rapid testing kits that can be used at home without any medical supervision will be available shortly. This will be a huge breakthrough, and people need not visit a lab to get tested for covid 19. This will also improve the rate of testing across the country, and more people will be willing to use such testing kits at home.

The swab from the nose or throat is collected, and it has to be placed on the testing strip. The app that connects with the kit will be able to provide the test results within a short duration of time. Experts say that this will also reduce the risk of getting infected while visiting the testing centers. Most people prefer to use such safe methods at home rather than visiting a testing center. In any case, improving the testing rate is the need of the hour as this will help the authorities to reduce hospitalizations and deaths in the future.