Say Goodbye To Panic Buying – Hand Sanitizers Are In Surplus

Say Goodbye To Panic Buying – Hand Sanitizers Are In Surplus

Americans can bid adieu to stock up on hand sanitizers. The onset of the pandemic saw every possible American fervently buying and bulking up sanitizers of every shape and size. 

A move that saw shelves in supermarkets lying bare for days and months on. Getting hands-on one was amassing gold under rubble. This madness now can rest. 

Say Goodbye To Panic Buying – Hand Sanitizers Are In Surplus

Some of the top retailing and manufacturing units have commented how hand sanitizers are seeing a surplus in stocks. This has fuelled the need to offer bulk discounts and major giveaways for stock clearance. Some of these include the off-brand products that ruled the market in the first few months into the pandemic. 

Say Goodbye To Panic Buying – Hand Sanitizers Are In Surplus

The hand sanitizer imports have slowed down considerably, which saw plummeting figures the last summer. Wherein every newcomer in the industry scrabbled to meet the surging demand. A few of the distilleries that entered the business have also withdrawn themselves given the fever has died down. 

The demand is still there, a notch above the levels of pre-pandemic, but the same is met by Purell, a recognized brand that has due credence as a good performer. 

Most Americans have enough hand sanitizer stacked on their shelves, thus leading to decreasing figures in the need to get one. The trailing figures of demand may also be attributed to the myths surrounding Covid-19 transmission. The reports have recognized and confirmed that it is transmitted through the air and not typically on surfaces.  

The sales figures of hand sanitizer in the US saw a sharp rise way back in 2020 when it touched 620% and amounting to 1.45 billion dollars. This is as per reports by NielsenIQ. The research also went on to state how the sales figures have considerably fallen in the past few months since the pandemic reached its peak.

This January saw compelling figures. The hand sanitizer sales dropped 38% below the figures of December last year. February in comparison to January saw the figures fall by 23%. While March in comparison with February saw the figures fall by 3%. 

A public trading distillery named MGP Ingredients has corroborated how they began increasing alcohol production for usage in hand sanitizers back in 2020. However, the boom has dwindled with time. The CEO of MGP Ingredients Mr. David Colo retorted in a conference call how the stores now have hand sanitizers in abundance. 

The major stores all across the US have their shelves fully lined up with hand sanitizers, most often in surplus. CVS, a drugstore chain that is spread across 10,000 locations stated how they have been into donating excess units of hand sanitizers. The donations have been mostly to community groups while bulk discounts are offered to customers in the form of a loyalty program, titled ExtraCare Rewards.

2020 saw an emergence of hefty demand for a wide variety of items. One that included hand sanitizers as well and steps were undertaken to meet the excessive demands at the consumer level. Matt Blanchette, CVS spokesman was quick to quip how the demand levels are still high but have declined since the peak. Hence the surplus. 

One of the biggest donation drives was accounted for by Walmart. Wherein 1.3 million units of hand sanitizers were donated to governmental organizations, schools, and non-profits that cumulated about 350 in number. This also included the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This does not end here. 

A spokesperson of Walmart, Tricia Moriarty stated in an email how they are even donating a free bottle of hand sanitizer to whoever is receiving the Covid-19 vaccine at their pharmacies.

The excessive demand for hand sanitizers also has ripped open flaws in the business where many off-brand makers have got into a rough zone. These low-budget imports of sanitizers were the ones being sold in bulk and for much lower prices.