Good News On Memorial Day Weekend – COVID Numbers To Go Down Drastically In Next Four Weeks

Good News On Memorial Day Weekend – COVID Numbers To Go Down Drastically In Next Four Weeks

If there has been a grim situation facing the US since last year with avid Covid infections and deaths, the news seems to get a bit brighter after the vaccination dives have been successfully started. The good news is with the onset of Memorial Day weekend, authorities at the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention have claimed that the numbers are going to decrease massively in the coming four weeks.

Good News On Memorial Day Weekend – COVID Numbers To Go Down Drastically In Next Four Weeks

The bright side of predictions comes with the affirmation from the same body that around 50% of the US adult population has already received its first shot and will be ready to be completely or almost completely vaccinated by July first week. The fast pace at which the vaccine is working to help make individuals become immune to the disease has led the prediction to come up. 

Good News On Memorial Day Weekend – COVID Numbers To Go Down Drastically In Next Four Weeks

To date, there are totally 593,288 deaths in the US due to the disease and around 33 million have been affected by the disease. The prediction says that in the next four weeks this total number of deaths can be predicted to be 596,000 to 606,000 deaths. This is a controlled number in comparison to the condition the United States has seen in the past.  This number has been estimated in a study by John Hopkins University.

This confidence comes with the fact that already ten states have successfully completed the target of reaching 70% vaccinations per the goal set by the Joe Biden administration. There has been an approach to incentivize vaccination drives and this has worked for many states. The vaccine incentive program in California is big, where it is giving $116.5 million worth of gifts to people who get vaccinated. The response to the vaccines has been overall positive and the government authorities are sure of allowing more freedom to the vaccinated population. A certain section of the population is, however, suffering from vaccination hesitancy or a vaccination lagging rate, which can be concerning given the fact that the government is easing restrictions on the vaccinated individuals. 

It is also known that children need to be more careful in near future. Therefore, certain states of the US have made it compulsory that children between the ages of 2 and 5 years wear masks because they are more susceptible to the new mutants of the Coronavirus. There is no doubt that while restrictions are eased in the coming days in the majority of US, the children and adolescent population needs to be immunised much in advance to avoid an outbreak amongst them.  

This means that children under the age of 12 years need to be wearing a fitting mask no matter which level of vaccination they are at unless they are fully vaccinated and immunised as per health authorities. It is a challenge for parents and caregivers to convince children of these ages to wear the mask consistently as children tend to fidget around with something as uncomfortable as a mask. However, knowing full well that educated parents and caregivers will do the needful, the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that children above the age of 2 years be kept masked up. 

Children of every home are expected to go to daycare or schools and in both outdoor and indoor gatherings, they are expected to keep their masks on. Exceptions are allowed for sports where a mask can cause hazards, like gymnastics and more. “The COVID-19 vaccines are remarkably effective, but we must stay vigilant,” AAP President Dr. Lee Savio Beers said in a statement. In order to avoid severe cases of the disease in ages 12 years and older, the US Food and Drug Administration has issues therapy of monoclonal antibody Sotrovimab.  


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