Gonorrhea Test Within 15 Minutes On Cellphone App-Based Device

Gonorrhea Test Within 15 Minutes On Cellphone App-Based Device

According to the health Day News the researchers have now come up with the technology of the rapid tests for Gonorrhea that will surely help in reducing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The technology is very cheap and affordable which just includes a device that is connected to your cellphone app and which will test the traces of Gonorrhea in the body within the time limit of 15 minutes.

Gonorrhea Test Within 15 Minutes On Cellphone App-Based Device

It can also tell that will it affect the functionality of the antibodies. The team leader Tza-Huei Wang said that the inexpensive as well as the portability of the device makes it super effective and can be proven a game-changer when it comes to the diagnosis of Gonorrhea rapidly. 

Gonorrhea Test Within 15 Minutes On Cellphone App-Based Device

He said that the test can be on the spot and the treatment can be done as soon as possible without much delay in knowing the results after certain lab tests as done in the past. It can be set up at any office and does not require much space. It can be very effective in diagnosing patients who do not have many resources. Dr. Wang is a professor at the mechanical engineering institute of Nanobiotechnology in Baltimore.

The traditional method of diagnosis was not so swift as it takes weeks for the results to show up till then the patients come in contact with several other people which make the spread of Gonorrhea. But this device enables the diagnosis to be completed in 15 minutes.

Taking the test is way easier as the patient just needs to give a drop of blood to the sample plate which is then dissolved with magnetic particles in the cartridge which sets into the device named PROMPT. The device transfers the magnetic particles in the cartridge to the reagents for the PCR testing.

The PCR testing is hailed as an effective test in the Covid-19 testing too. It enables the doctors to study the tiny samples of the DNA and magnify them. The results can be easily seen on the screen of the patient within 15 minutes. The device just runs in a 2-volt battery and the cartridge just costs 2 dollars.

The results of the device are very accurate as it detected V 97 percent of the time in the patient when tried in Baltimore and Uganda. It was actually 100 percent accurate in the determination if the Gonorrhea would respond to the medications which target the infection which is resistant to the other antibodies.

The founder said that the device maintained that standards and accuracy when tried in the labs and in the clinics. The doctors also claimed that it has helped a lot to test people with much accuracy y and should be supplied to each and every hospital as soon as possible.

Gonorrhea is one of the most dangerous sexually transmitted diseases by which almost 87 million people suffer in the world. Wang said that he is now determined to increase the rate of production and manufacturing so that people all around the world can take advantage.