Experts Report Baby Bust During Covid 19 Pandemic


During the early days of the covid-19 pandemic, most people thought that the situation of lockdown and Quarantine would promote a Baby Boom across the country. However, according to the latest reports, the situation has resulted in a baby bust, and there would be significantly lesser newborns this year and the early parts of next year.

Experts Report Baby Bust During Covid 19 Pandemic

According to experts, several reasons like social distancing and financial constraints may have played a role in this situation. Due to social distancing norms, many partners were not able to meet frequently, and this is also a contributing factor to the baby bust situation. Similarly, uncertainties about child care and finances have also caused several families to alter their family plans. Many couples have decided to pause on having kids during the pandemic, and this has led to a decline in planned pregnancies.

Experts Report Baby Bust During Covid 19 Pandemic

On the other hand, as many people were not able to meet their partners frequently during the lockdown situation, it has led to a decline in unplanned pregnancies.

Several other factors, like loss of income and uncertainties with regards to child care, have also played a big role during the pandemic. Due to all these factors, many couples have postponed their plans of having kids, and this is going to have a long-term impact, according to experts.

According to experts, the country could see about 500,000 fewer births next year. Even Google Trends indicate that there was a significant decline in searches related to sex and pregnancy during the pandemic. Experts say that the size of the incoming covid baby bust could have a long term impact on society.

When the lockdown was announced in the early days of the pandemic, several jokes were circulating on social media regarding the Baby Boom that would get triggered due to the pandemic. However, the situation has reversed, and many people did not want to have kids during a health crisis.

Experts say that the coronavirus pandemic was unlike any other crisis that impacted the country in the last few decades. This pandemic has impacted almost every person in some way or the other in the last nine months. This has affected the mindset of many couples, and most of them have postponed their family plans.

Experts point out that most people have an old-fashioned thought that when men and women are confined inside the home for a long duration, it can lead to more birth. However, modern society has evolved from this thinking, and most people plan their pregnancies, taking into consideration the economic situation and other social factors.

There is also a huge decrease in unplanned pregnancies during the pandemic situation as many people did not get enough opportunity to meet regularly. Google Trends has indicated that the searches with regards to sex and pregnancy were significantly less this year when compared to previous years.

Experts say that 2021 is likely to see a decrease in childbirth by close to 10%. A similar trend was seen during the great recession of 2007 that lasted for two years. The complete impact of this situation would be known only by the summer of 2022 as the pandemic is still not under the control

As the distribution of the covid-19 vaccine has begun all over the country, things are looking positive. The situation may be brought under control by the end of 2021. This impact will also be seen in the economic situation in the future. Even though it is still early to estimate the overall impact of the baby bust during the pandemic situation, experts say that the impact will definitely be seen in the future.