The President Has Sets The Nation On The Seven-Week Sprint Access.

The President Has Sets The Nation On The Seven-Week Sprint Access.

Fraser said that the main constraint that they are facing the lack of a proper supply of the vaccines. So he has cautioned all the states against opening everything before taking any precautionary measure of their more vulnerable residents; that was the reason why many have still hewed such a strict priority system of vaccination. Those states that are moving quickly to open up their eligibility are doing this because most of the people are quite hesitant in getting the vaccine shots. He said that this may easily foreshadow the difficulty in reaching a level of immunity that is needed to corral this virus.

The President Has Sets The Nation On The Seven-Week Sprint Access.

Biden earlier had recognized and said the same that there is less likelihood of more obstacles when he said that the administration would be opening the eligibility for everyone above the age of 18 from the 1st of May. But this also means that everyone won’t be getting vaccine shots on the same day. Appointments will be elusive in some of the states, considering the slow rollout of the vaccine and the increase in the supply gradually. This unpredictable spread of the virus states the need for the President’s attention, and the plans for the Independence day celebrations would be hedged owing to some limitations.

The President Has Sets The Nation On The Seven-Week Sprint Access.

But considering the previous goals which the President put up were achievable due to the reflected progress which was already in motion and his promises about the availability of vaccines went square, and the production inside the factories and on the ground level has increased. This helped the vaccine to reach a figure of 2.2 billion per day.

Alaska, for example, has become the first state in the U.S. for removing virtually all the related eligibility requirements as Republican Mike Dunleavy, the governor, has stated this week that any person aged above 16 can sign up for the vaccine shot. Michigan is also throwing its appointments open for the general public from the 5th of April. While the Wisconsin health officials have announced that the state would also be doing so from the 1st of May. Some other states are expanding their eligibility gradually. For example, Indiana, West Virginia, and Ohio have opened their appointments to people above 50 and older. This same age restriction would be becoming eligible from next week in Texas. In the state of Georgia, this availability would be expanded by the next week to the people above 55 and older.

The administration under Biden is betting on the 31st of May to provide enough supply of vaccines to cover for the complete adult population. They are stressing that it might take longer for the people to get full immunity for those who come forward to get a dose, considering the use of the two-dose protocols developed by Moderna Pfizer-BioNTech. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is a single shot. Only the vaccine dose by Pfizer-BioNTech had been authorized for people who are as young as 16 years in the United States.

This approach of increasing the vaccine eligibility before each and every person gets vaccinated also parallels with the earlier phases of the vaccine rollout. The health care workers were given access to the vaccine shots since the program’s beginning in December, though most of the states had not finished immunizing the people who are willing to get it until the new year.

President Biden’s strategy does not come without risks, that includes from logistical breakdowns to manufacturing setbacks as the states seek to increase their programs. This is being done to reduce the spread of more transmissible and new variants of the Covid-19 virus. 


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