Alzheimer’s: Aerobics Enhances Cognitive Performance

Alzheimer's: Aerobics Enhances Cognitive Performance

Alzheimer’s disease gradually destroys the thinking skills of an individual, this disease is irreversible and painful. Over the time the patient starts to forget their routine tasks and slowly stops functioning. There is no cure, but Alzheimer’s can be slow down depending on an individual’s age and stage. Eventually, the ability to carry out the most straightforward task says National Institute on Aging Common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease include memory loss, language problems, and impulsive behavior. Eventually, when the disease spreads at its peak, a person can’t even perform the necessary tasks like communication and not recognize his near ones.

Alzheimer’s: Aerobics Enhances Cognitive Performance

Over 5.5 million people in their 60s are affected by this disease. There is no cure for this condition, but some drugs and treatments may slow down the spread.

Alzheimer's: Aerobics Enhances Cognitive Performance

Pilot study

This research was performed in order to identify, after which stage in a scale of the condition would be considered as a worse situation. The research involved 96 individual people from age 66 and above suffering from Alzheimer’s at different stages. One batch of 64 is advised to cycle exercises three times a week for about six months. The remaining batch people are said to do stretching and other body exercises, which they regularly maintain. As they monitored their heart rates for the cycling group, it should increase by 50-75% and less than 20% for the control group.

They made a scale to assess their condition. The cycling group is 1.0+4.6 or 1.0-4.6, and for the control group, it is 0.1+4.1 or 0.1-4.1. These figures are compared to scores of 3.2+6.3 or 3.2-6.3.

If they cross the scale, the chances of worsening conditions will increase. Aerobic exercises help in improving Alzheimer’s.

Aerobic exercises consist of rhythmic, stretching, and strength training some exercises are running, cycling, walking, swimming, etc. These exercises help the body as well brain to functions more efficiently.

These exercises contain physical exercises from which the heart pump faster than usual, and they prevent heart disease .due to these exercises body becomes less lazy and maintains the body weight.

These exercises also help reduce high blood sugar level because it damages the blood vessels, which eventually leads to heart diseases and may cause heart stroke.

These exercises are done so that both the mind and body can work in a synchronised manner. It is proved in various studies that the right amount of physical activities will lower the reducing memory and thinking ability.

Alzheimer’s patients are going through lots of pressure, and it may create a situation where the person can’t control his/ her actions. Sometimes it leads to depression and anxiety disorder.

These physical exercises keep them active and improve their analysing skills; this eventually improves their brain health and cognitive performance, such as decision-making and reasoning skills.

For a healthy body, there must be an outstanding balance between body and mind. By doing these exercises, their physical strength develops and increases in motor skills and their brains also function more efficiently, and they could live a healthy lifestyle.