Excess Red Meat Consumption Can Trigger Heart Diseases

Excess Red Meat Consumption Can Trigger Heart Diseases

For the past decade or so, doctors have reportedly said red meats act as the root cause of a high risk of cancer and heart diseases. That is because red meats have a huge content of saturated fats, which raises the blood cholesterol levels in the human body, thus, creating serious risks of heart illness.

Excess Red Meat Consumption Can Trigger Heart Diseases

Recently, English Researchers conducted a study to observe the effects of these food habits on the volunteers’ heath. The study disclosed that those who consumed more processed and red meat experienced worse heart conditions, soaked arteries, and tinier ventricles. Meanwhile, the arteries were perfectly fine, and heart conditions were normal in people who ate more fish and less red meat (especially beef).

Excess Red Meat Consumption Can Trigger Heart Diseases

Dr. Singh, a researcher at the American College of Cardiology, stated, “You are what you eat, and your food habits have a direct effect on your health.” Another researcher at Queen Mary University, London, Dr. Raisi-Estabragh, revealed that they looked at the connections between having sick cardiovascular conditions and their meat intake. However, they desired to observe in deep detail- the result of meat consumption over other parts of the heart.

There were around 19,400 volunteers in the study. All these volunteers self-recorded their food consumption and took few heart tests, which the researchers later used for investigation purposes. The research consisted of CMR-Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance images, and the researchers used these images to measure the amount of blood being pumped by means of the ventricles. They used Unique CMR images to attain details of the texture and shape of the human heart.

They also observed how elastic the blood vessels are. Dr Raisi-Estabragh mentioned problems like high levels of cholesterol, high levels of blood pressure, diabetes and overweight act as the causes for such results. However, these conditions only provide a fractional part of the explanation. Although the study conducted was only for observation and analysis, it did not give any reasons for the cause and the effect it had on the human heart.

But, Dr. Raisi-Estabragh recommended scaling back processed and red meats’ intake as it will lower the risk for heart diseases.

The conclusions were to be disclosed virtually in the meeting at the European Society of Cardiology on Thursday. However, the discoveries and conclusions released at these meetings are deemed primary till they are printed and made public in a newsletter.

Dr. Singh, a co-director at the Sports Cardiology Center situated at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, said that heart MRIs could most likely show contrasts sooner than an echocardiogram will show. What’s more in the event is that if they can establish a link to dietary intake of an individual, they may have the option to affect the illness interaction, and they can also handle it way sooner than they are present.”

Dr. Singh herself follows a diet that comprises unprocessed food with more green veggies. She also recommends her patients to keep their diets as simple as possible with green vegetables, fruits and less processed food items and advises them to cut off complex foods from their diets.