Precautions To Prevent Heart Strokes

Precautions To Prevent Heart Strokes

According to the American Heart Association News, the one thing about Heart stroke patients that regular exercise and certain lifestyle changes can reduce the chances of a stroke. These things are confirmed by health professionals and health co-workers.

Precautions To Prevent Heart Strokes

They say that certain lifestyle changes can make you healthy, but you should do it regularly rather than wanting to see the outcomes in few days. Researchers suggest that you should not do everything at once because it can be overwhelming. Gradually changing the lifestyle can lead to better health and reduces the chances of stroke.

Precautions To Prevent Heart Strokes

A Canadian doctor who is a neurologist and an expert in the field of stroke claimed that generally, people with strokes get over ambitious when they start to change the lifestyle, but when they fail, they just give up, which increases the chances of stroke.

He recommends his patients take small steps and move efficiently at a constant pace rather than being over-enthusiastic about it. DR. Cheryll, who is a neurologist and the director at the comprehensive center of stroke, claimed that it is not only the stroke that is prevented by it but also the chances of dementia. It is like killing two birds using one stone. She suggests many ways to reduce the chances of heart stroke for the patients.

First of all, smoking is injurious to the health, and if you are a heart patient, you should immediately quit smoking. A study showed that there is an increment of 12 percent of a stroke to occur for every five cigarettes you take. For black people, smoking can be even more dangerous if you are a heart patient.

You should be active all day and provide motion to the body rather than sleeping lazily. Men and Women who work and do there day to day activities effectively have a reduced chance by twenty to thirty percent of having a heart stroke. Participating in activities daily has been seen to reduce your blood pressure lower cholesterol levels which in turn help to reduce the chances of having a stroke.

Even walking for ten minutes in an hour is more beneficial than sitting in front of the television doing nothing. Doctors claim that walking or brisk walking is the easiest and effective exercise to reduce the chances of heart stroke.

Hypertension or also known as high blood pressure, increases the chances of having a stroke to 50 to 55 percent in all men and women, according to AHA stats. While it can easily be managed by doing exercise regularly. Yoga can be fruitful. Quit smoking and a healthy weight can lead to a better lifestyle that reduces the chances of heart stroke.

Eating a healthy diet is one of the important factors. Various diet approaches should be followed under the expert’s supervision. Green vegetables and fresh fruits should be added to the daily diet of a heart patient. There are various reasons due to which you can get a heart stroke, but it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are young and continue doing it to prevent yourself from getting any disease in the later stages of life.