Which States Are First On The List Of Joe Biden’s Vaccination Target?

Which States Are First On The List Of Joe Biden's Vaccination Target?

When Joe Biden set a target of July 4 to completely or majorly vaccinate adults in the United States, it was clear that this was a mammoth task in hand. Systematic preparations to implement the vaccination drive got triggered and multiple companies were given the authorization to distribute their vaccines across the country. With an impressive plan in place, there are states which are likely to get around 70% of the adult population vaccinated and ready to hit normal life again.

Which States Are First On The List Of Joe Biden’s Vaccination Target?

The talk is around these vaccines being a saviour to the United States economy and how they can help revive the economy fast by empowering the United States’ average youth. The antibodies triggered by these vaccines have the capacity to stay afresh even for years. 

Which States Are First On The List Of Joe Biden's Vaccination Target?

Ten states which are mostly in the North East have already finished vaccinating 70% of its adult population with at least one shot and will become leaders in proving that a systematic approach to the vaccination drive can be rewarding to let your economy and society limp back to normalcy after the fight against Coronavirus. In addition, it is expected that another 12 states will have finished 60% of the vaccinations bringing the number up shortly. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention announced this on Wednesday and this was welcomed with a lot of cheer and joy amongst the medical fraternity, who have been fighting the disease from the frontline. In addition to this, studies have started to indicate that a single shot is enough to do the needful in keeping your body healthy and immune against the Coronavirus, keeping your near and dear ones free from the fear of contracting the disease. 

According to a study that was published on Monday, a massive percentage of people who were infected by Covid-19 are known to still have the antibodies against the virus alive and kicking even ten months later. In other studies, two papers that were published on Monday also established that the coronavirus exposure even a year ago has led to body cells retaining a memory of the virus, which gets stronger with time. These memories are not directly related to the vaccine but may have been complimented or enhanced by the same, the relationship of which still needs to be ascertained.  

So while different states work towards the vaccination getting completed and most individuals getting back to normal life, pharma companies are readying the other vaccines, namely the ones that suit adolescents and booster shots needed for vaccine follow-ups after a year or more. In a separate meeting, Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that booster shots may be needed in the future, although the frequency and timing of booster shots are not yet established. Since studies are on as to how long the vaccines will continue working after single, double and triple dosage, the talk of booster doses is still out of the limelight. 

Suppose it is established through case studies that a single vaccine dose is enough to enable an individual to fight the disease and not be extremely affected by its attack. In that case, the next step in the vaccination drive will be called for. A singly vaccinated person may be more immune to the Coronavirus and its symptoms a tad bit more than non-vaccinated people. However, he will still be less immune to it than a doubly vaccinated person. Alternatively, there could be individuals who have been categorized into people who need a single hot or people who need multiple shots based upon the performance of their immune system. This would make the load easier on the government and pharma companies, while the vaccination schedules may then change, not just across the US but also across the globe. Then there would be a place for a talk on booster doses. For now, these ten states have done what the entire nation needs to do.


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