Appetizing And Diets Should Be Manageable For Reducing The Risk of Sudden Deaths

Appetizing And Diets Should Be Manageable For Reducing The Risk of Sudden Deaths

Are you planning to celebrate the events and festivals with traditional southern-style food which consists of fried chicken, drinks, and biscuits? Be aware of making it a regular habit. A new study warns that the heavy intake of regional food like fried foods, soft drinks, fat content foods, and sugary items may increase the odds of sudden deaths with cardiac arrest. 

Appetizing And Diets Should Be Manageable For Reducing The Risk of Sudden Deaths

On the note of warning, the good news is also given by the researchers that we can lower the risks on the addiction of southern style traditional diets by attaching to the Mediterranean diet which includes rich vegetables, fish, fresh fruits, legumes, and grains. It also consists of low content of dairy products and meat.

Appetizing And Diets Should Be Manageable For Reducing The Risk of Sudden Deaths

Diet is considered as a risk factor on modifications, said James Shikany. Switching to the Mediterranean diet would be the most beneficial factor for preventing sudden cardiac arrests and also maintains the balance in general on cardiovascular health.

James Shikany is the associate director of the research division on preventive medicines at Birmingham of Alabama University. He stated that a new study had didn’t prove the diet of southern style doesn’t cause cardiac arrests as it is only linked with increased risks. The analysis is done rigorously with possible conditions where observational settings are developed for responsible aspects. 

James and his team collected the data for a recent study of 21,000 participants on the recent study of regional and racial differences which cause the strokes. Based on the collected data those participants are not associated with any type of heart disease.

Researchers and his team had examined the link between the diet of participants and the risk of heart functioning, this will be fatal on the conditions. Usually, cardiac deaths are occurred by the abnormal rhythms of the heart which are called arrhythmias.

Based on the survey, nearly 400 cardiac deaths had occurred. Most of the people who are following the southern style diet having a higher risk of 46 percent of cardiac deaths. On the other note people who are following the Mediterranean diet having a lower risk of 26 percent.

In the U.S. for every eight deaths, there is one common death of cardiac attack in the year 2016. On the theme of grim statistics people know that changing the diet is quite harder, but moving the choices towards the Mediterranean diet helps the immune system to become much healthier.

Shikany stated that on the diet procedure, key contributions must be followed up for knowing the people to access the intake of fresh vegetables and fruits. Sudden cardiac deaths are listed as unfortunate which is not much surprising. 

Samantha heller said that unsurprised things were found on “stroke belts” and “diabetes belts” because there is an increase in the region’s high rates of stroke or diabetes. 

WHO had reported that 80 percent of chronic diseases have resulted in cardiovascular diseases and diabetes that are preventable. Dietary plans are having cultural roots which decrease the difficulty level for converting the unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle. 

Researchers said that a healthy diet should be followed up for the prevention of chronic diseases.