Coronavirus Updates: 325k US Deaths, Covid 19 Antibodies Likely Protect From Reinfection

According to researchers, people with covid19 antibodies are likely to be protected from reinfection for up to six months or longer. This is similar to getting a vaccine according to the data coming from two new studies. Researchers were of the opinion that people who had got infected with covid 19 are less likely to get infected again within the next six months. Experts say that it is very rare to get reinfected within a short duration of time.

325k US Deaths, Covid 19 Antibodies Likely Protect From Reinfection

The study was done on a large scale that involved more than 3 million people who had antibody tests in the US. The study clearly showed that people who had produced antibodies were 10 times less likely to get reinfected, and the antibodies could last for around six months in the body.

This is great news for the millions of people who got infected with covid 19 this year as they can rest assured that they are less likely to catch the virus again in the near future. Earlier, the CDC did not have enough data in this regard, and they had suggested that even those people who were earlier infected and recovered should also get a vaccine. However, based on the new studies, such people can wait for some more time to get a vaccine so that others who are more likely to catch the virus can get a chance to receive the vaccine.

According to the latest numbers coming from official sources, more than 325,500 deaths have been recorded across the US due to covid 19. The total number of infections have gone beyond 18.4 million. At the global level, the number of deaths recorded stands at 1.72 million and the number of people who are infected stands at 78.5 million. Currently, the US has the most number of active cases than any other country, and the recent spike in cases is the main reason for this development.

New York City has ordered visitors coming from other countries to quarantine in an effort to curb the spread of a new coronavirus strain found in the UK. Travellers who are found violating this rule will be fined $1000 and also have to face other consequences depending on the violations. The sheriff’s department will monitor the visitors and follow them regularly to check their health status.

Several countries have issued travel bans on the UK and passengers are stranded in the European continent for many days. Even the movement of cargo in and out of England is prohibited as the neighbouring countries have sealed the borders. The UK Prime Minister acknowledged that the new strain is spreading faster than the original coronavirus strain and this has shaken the country that is still in the early stages of a mass vaccination program.

In the US, the vaccination program is going at a slow pace, and the latest reports indicate that close to 1 million people have been vaccinated. The authorities had earlier planned to vaccinate at least 20 million people during this month. With only a week left and most people busy with the holiday season, it is unlikely that the authorities may reach their target. At this rate, it will take more than a few years to supply vaccines to a majority of Americans.

The government has ordered up to 200 million doses of vaccine that are supposed to be delivered in the first half of 2021. As the vaccines are supposed to be taken in two doses, the administration plans to vaccinate around 100 million people in the first half of next year. However, this should be a challenging task for the authorities.

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