DailyNub https://dailynub.com Just another WordPress site Fri, 15 Jan 2021 12:25:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.6 Johnson & Johnson’s One Shot Covid Vaccine Safe https://dailynub.com/top-news/johnson-johnsons-one-shot-covid-vaccine-safe/ https://dailynub.com/top-news/johnson-johnsons-one-shot-covid-vaccine-safe/#respond Fri, 15 Jan 2021 12:25:04 +0000 https://dailynub.com/?p=2431 According to the latest reports coming from the clinical trial data, the single-dose coronavirus vaccine developed by Johnson and Johnson is safe and generates a promising immune response in both young and elderly people.

The clinical trials were done on people in the age group of 18 and 55. Apart from that, the trials also included those participants over the age of 65, and they were given different doses of the vaccine.

Johnson & Johnson’s One Shot Covid Vaccine Safe

It was found that most of the volunteers produced neutralizing antibodies that were easily detectable. This was observed after about 28 days after administering the vaccine. However, by around 2 months, all the volunteers had detectable antibodies irrespective of the dosage of vaccine received during the clinical trials. The antibodies remained stable for nearly 71 days in most people.

Some of the common side effects that were associated with vaccines include fever, fatigue, muscle ache and headache. It was observed that the side effects were less common in elderly people.

Johnson & Johnson's One Shot Covid Vaccine Safe

Paul Stoffels, Chief Scientific Officer at Johnson and Johnson, said that Phase 1 and 2 clinical trial data has shown that a single shot of vaccine gives sustainable antibodies. He said that the company was confident that the vaccine would be highly effective against the virus. The company is expected to release the Phase 3 clinical trials result soon. The third phase of clinical trials included 45000 participants in different age groups. The company is using the same technology is used to develop its Ebola vaccine earlier.

Health officials in the US are eagerly awaiting the authorization of Johnson and Johnson’s covid vaccine. As this is a single-dose vaccine, it will become easier for the authorities to administer the vaccines without any problems. As of now, the covid-19 vaccines available in the market are supposed to be given in two doses, and the health authorities have to maintain the required stock and administer the vaccines in the proper time interval as mentioned by the vaccine manufacturers.

On the other hand, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is a single dose vaccine, and it can be easily administered without any worries about storing the second dose. Public Health officials are of the opinion that the company is likely to come in front of the FDA for emergency use authorization in the next month. In all probability, this vaccine is likely to become the third approved vaccine in the US.

As of now, the health officials are dealing with a huge problem when it comes to storing the second dose of covid-19 vaccines. Due to this problem, a majority of vaccines that are distributed by the federal governments are sitting idle while millions of people are waiting to receive the vaccines. The administration has recently made changes to the procedures and said that they would be releasing all the available stock of vaccines to vaccinate more numbers of people within a short duration of time.

Health experts argue that this leads to some risk in the near future as the Federal government has to provide the second dose to the states at the right time. If there is any delay in delivering the second dose of vaccine, the earlier dose can become ineffective, and this can have a serious impact on the entire vaccination program. For this reason, the vaccine developed by Johnson and Johnson is highly anticipated by health officials across the country.

As this requires only a single dose, patients need not worry about coming back to receive the second dose about three to four weeks later. Apart from making it convenient for the participants, it also simplifies the logistics for Healthcare providers across the country.

The department of Health and human services has already announced that it has reached an agreement with the manufacturer to receive about a hundred million doses of vaccine in the near future. Apart from that, the government also has the option to order an additional 200 million doses from Johnson and Johnson.

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Moderna CEO: We Will Have To Live With Covid 19 Forever https://dailynub.com/top-news/moderna-ceo-we-will-have-to-live-with-covid-19-forever/ https://dailynub.com/top-news/moderna-ceo-we-will-have-to-live-with-covid-19-forever/#respond Fri, 15 Jan 2021 12:14:48 +0000 https://dailynub.com/?p=2428 Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said that the world might have to deal with the coronavirus forever as it is not going away. He was speaking at the panel organized by JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

Several health experts have already indicated that the Novel coronavirus could become another endemic virus that keeps coming back every season or have irregular outbreaks in the future.

Moderna CEO: We Will Have To Live With Covid 19 Forever

Anthony Fauci had also said that it is unlikely that we are going to eradicate coronavirus in the near future.

There are concerns about new strains of coronavirus emerging in different regions of the world in recent months. One of the new strains of coronavirus that was detected in the UK has spread to several countries across the world in recent weeks. The UK variant, also known as B117 variant, has now spread to more than 10 states in the US. It is said to be 70% more contagious than the common strain found in the US.

Moderna CEO: We Will Have To Live With Covid 19 Forever

As of now, there is no evidence to suggest that the new strain would avoid the existing vaccines available in the market. However, scientists are also not ruling out the possibility that mutations can happen in a big way, and they may be able to evade the vaccines in some cases. The problem with the B117 variant is not with its deadly nature as it is not more severe than the common strain of coronavirus. The problem with this variant lies with the fact that it can transmit in a Lethal way and infect more numbers of people within a short duration of time.

Meanwhile, the US has distributed close to 30 million vaccines, and about 10 million people have been vaccinated according to the data from the CDC.

Health experts are of the opinion that the covid-19 restrictions may continue for a very long time in the future. Some of the common precautionary measures like using masks and maintaining social distancing may become the new norm in future.

There is no clear indication as to how long the protection from vaccines will last in our bodies. Recently, Moderna had said that its vaccine could offer protection for nearly one year. However, as the vaccine was approved only in the last one month, it may take a long time for health experts to confirm that the protection lasts for such a long duration. The earlier estimates had indicated that the protection from the virus could last for nearly six months in most people.

Even when it lasts for more than a few months, it is still not clear if the antibodies will be effective equally in all age groups. In this regard, people may have to take the covid-19 vaccines in the future, similar to other vaccines. Apart from that, there are chances of further mutations in the coronavirus, and it can lead to deadly strains in the future.

If the upcoming strains of coronavirus manage to mutate enough to avoid the immunity given by the vaccines, the health authorities will have a very big problem to deal with as they have to develop another vaccine to handle the new strain. It is common for the virus to mutate regularly and scientists are of the opinion that coronavirus can have up to two mutations every month.

It is important for the authorities to focus on mass immunization programs at the earliest as this will help them to break the chain of transmission by a huge margin. In this manner, the level of herd immunity can be reached within this year, and the situation can be brought under control.

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Covid Deaths Hit Another One-day High In US https://dailynub.com/top-news/covid-deaths-hit-another-one-day-high-us/ https://dailynub.com/top-news/covid-deaths-hit-another-one-day-high-us/#respond Fri, 15 Jan 2021 09:41:02 +0000 https://dailynub.com/?p=2424 Coronavirus deaths in the US hit another record high on Wednesday. The number of deaths recorded due to covid-19 was more than 4300. The total number of deaths due to the pandemic has crossed 385,000 according to official data available from the health department.

It is interesting to note that the number of Americans killed in World War II was about 405,000. The covid-19 pandemic is all set to surpass this number in the next week.

Covid Deaths Hit Another One-day High In US

According to the latest reports, Arizona and California are the most affected states in the US. Several experts are of the opinion that Arizona sees a Surge within a surge, and this is indicating a dangerous trend. It is not yet clear if the new strain of coronavirus is the reason behind the new surge in Arizona.

Covid Deaths Hit Another One-day High In US

Apart from that, some health experts had even suggested that a new homegrown variant of coronavirus may be behind the huge surge in recent weeks. However, the CDC has said that there was no evidence to suggest that a homegrown variant was the reason behind the surge.

The new variant of coronavirus that was initially detected in South Africa in November has now spread to more than 12 countries across the world. Health authorities in the US are worried that such new variants can easily enter the country if proper measures are not taken at the earliest.

The CDC head recently asked all International Travellers to provide covid test reports before boarding the flights to the US. In this way, the authorities will be able to control the spread of new variants in the country by some margin.

One of the variants of Coronavirus, B117 that was initially detected in the UK has already separated across several states in the US. As of now, more than 10 states in the US have reported cases involving the B117 variant. The interesting thing about the new variant is that it is more contagious than the original strain of coronavirus, and it can lead to a large number of cases within a short duration of time.

The shocking thing about the new variant is that it has caused a huge spike in the number of cases in the UK and the country has imposed a nationwide lockdown in order to control the spread of the virus.

Health authorities are worried that a similar situation may pan out in the US if things are not controlled in the early stages. Apart from that, the new variant that was recently detected in South Africa has puzzled many scientists as the mutation is big enough to decrease the efficacy of covid-19 vaccines.

This is a scary situation and scientists are worried that they will have to wait for another vaccine in order to deal with a new variant of coronavirus.

There is a serious risk that the entire vaccination program could become useless if the mutation is big enough to reduce the efficiency of the vaccine in the future. The health authorities will have to begin the war against coronavirus from the beginning if they are dealing with the new variant that is immune to the vaccines.

The CDC has already indicated that January will be deadlier than December in terms of the death toll due to covid-19. December recorded more than 77000 deaths, and January is likely to surpass this number considering the rise in the death toll in recent weeks.

The country has recorded more than 2 million cases in the first 9 days of January. Going by these numbers, it is clear that there is a huge spike in the number of new coronavirus cases across the US.

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Moderna Says Covid Vaccine Immunity Lasts For At Least A Year https://dailynub.com/top-news/moderna-says-covid-vaccine-immunity-lasts-for-at-least-a-year/ https://dailynub.com/top-news/moderna-says-covid-vaccine-immunity-lasts-for-at-least-a-year/#respond Thu, 14 Jan 2021 08:39:30 +0000 https://dailynub.com/?p=2421 According to a statement released by vaccine manufacturer Moderna, the immunity from its covid-19 vaccine should last at least a year. The company said that there is enough evidence to show that the messenger RNA Technology would work even on the new variant of coronavirus that has recently emerged in several countries.

The vaccine developed by Moderna uses synthetic mRNA to mimic the surface of the coronavirus. In this way, it teaches the immune system to recognize the coronavirus and utilize it as soon as it enters the body.

Moderna Says Covid Vaccine Immunity Lasts For At Least A Year

According to the latest reports by the company, it expects to deliver around 1 billion doses of vaccine in 2021. Earlier market estimates had suggested that the vaccine-related sales for the company is likely to be more than $11 billion for the year. The company has already signed several advance purchase agreements with governments across the world.


Interestingly, this is the first time the company has developed a vaccine that was approved by the FDA. Several other vaccine manufacturers who are in the race to develop the covid-19 have rich experience in the industry, and they have worked on several other vaccines in the past. On the other hand, Moderna is a relatively new company in this industry, and it has surprised everyone that they have developed the covid-19 vaccine in such a short duration of time.

The company was the second one in the US to receive emergency use authorization by the FDA. According to the clinical trial data, the vaccine is found to be 95% effective in preventing the disease. The vaccine was tested in people above the age of 18, and the recommendation committee said that the risks were very less and the vaccine could be used for the general public without any problems. The FDA also analyzed that the benefits outweighed the risks in this situation and provided emergency use authorization in December.

The vaccine is to be taken in two doses, and the interval between the two doses is around 28 days. Health experts feel that the interval can vary by some margin without any problems. If there is a delay of a few days in receiving the second dose of the vaccine, it will not cause any problems. As per available data, the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine will deliver around 40% protection. For this reason, it is important to practice all the precautions even after taking the first dose of the vaccine. People who have received the first dose of vaccine should continue to use masks and practice social distancing as much as possible in order to stay away from the infection.

In some cases, it was observed that people got infected with coronavirus even after receiving the vaccine. Health experts believe that this can happen in some cases as the body might not have developed the immunity soon after receiving the vaccine, and there are chances that the infection could get triggered at that point. It is important to stay cautious till the second dose is provided within a month.

According to the data provided by the company, the second dose of vaccine offers about 95% protection from coronavirus. In a recent statement, the company said that the protection is likely to last at least a year. This is promising news as the early estimates said that the protection could last for about six months. This will help the authorities to contain the spread of coronavirus within a short duration of time as a majority of Americans can easily be vaccinated within this year.

The company has so far delivered millions of doses of vaccines to the Federal government. In the near future, the company is likely to deliver more vaccines as they have improved the manufacturing process across the world. The company has also got permission to provide vaccines to various health departments across the world.

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Exercise Reduces Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases By A Huge Margin https://dailynub.com/top-news/exercise-reduces-risk-of-cardiovascular-diseases-by-a-huge-margin/ https://dailynub.com/top-news/exercise-reduces-risk-of-cardiovascular-diseases-by-a-huge-margin/#respond Thu, 14 Jan 2021 07:36:27 +0000 https://dailynub.com/?p=2418 It is common knowledge that physical activity is good for overall health, and it can prevent several conditions like heart attacks and strokes in the long run. A recent study has suggested that physical exercise maybe even more important for preventing cardiovascular problems than it was understood in the past.

According to the new study, more activity leads to better protection against cardiovascular problems in the long run. The participants of the study were asked to wear an accelerometer, which measures the activity of the individuals on a regular basis. The participants were tracked for an average of five years for their everyday physical activities.

Exercise Reduces Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases By A Huge Margin

It was evident from the results that the cases of cardiovascular disease decreased by a huge margin among those participants who were involved in moderate to vigorous physical activities. Getting into the details of the study, the researchers said that the people who are most active had an average reduction in risk of more than 50%.

Several people are leading sedentary lifestyles due to the lockdown and other issues across the country, and it is important for people to understand that getting involved in regular physical activities is important for their overall health. It can go a long way in preventing cardiovascular diseases in the future.

Exercise Reduces Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases By A Huge Margin

Even when people are not able to engage in regular physical activities, they should try their best to have a moderate exercise regime that can be done at home in order to stay active and healthy.

In this regard, researchers say that about an hour of intense physical activities per week can provide huge benefits. Yet another advantage of getting involved in physical exercises was that such people usually did not indulge in excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol.

There appears to be a direct correlation between exercise and healthy living. The researchers have also taken this factor into consideration and found that exercise alone has a significant effect on the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

According to available statistics, cardiovascular diseases have increased dramatically over the years, and it leads to more than 17 million deaths every year across the world.

The study was conducted on people who were wearing fitness trackers, and this has provided accurate data with regards to the physical activities of the participants over a long duration. It was not based only on the health questionnaire as it is often inaccurate when people have to recall their physical activities for an extended duration of time.

The lowest risk of cardiovascular disease was found in participants who indulged in the highest level of physical activities. It is evident from the study that there is no match to Physical activities when it comes to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers also emphasized that people should also focus on their diet and cut down on the consumption of alcohol, in the long run, to completely avoid cardiovascular problems. Even the World Health Organisation has suggested that adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activities on a weekly basis.

The results of the study are very similar for both men and women, even though some of the benefits of regular physical activities appear to be stronger for women.

Doctors also suggest that eating a healthy diet and having a regular exercise regime of at least 20 minutes a day can go a long way in keeping the body healthy and free from various diseases. It becomes even more important in times of a pandemic as regular exercise can also improve the immune system by a huge margin.

In this manner, the body will be able to fight against various infections in an effective way. Even elderly people should indulge in some form of moderate physical activity in order to keep the body flexible and healthy.

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CDC Says International Passengers Need To Test Covid Negative To Enter US https://dailynub.com/top-news/cdc-says-international-passengers-need-to-test-covid-negative-to-enter-us/ https://dailynub.com/top-news/cdc-says-international-passengers-need-to-test-covid-negative-to-enter-us/#respond Thu, 14 Jan 2021 07:29:29 +0000 https://dailynub.com/?p=2415 The CDC has issued a statement that travelers flying into the United States from other countries will need to test covid negative before boarding the flights. The new policy will come into effect from January 26.

According to the agency, the new testing requirement will help the US authorities to control the spread of coronavirus. The agency said that such measures were needed as the country is reeling under pressure due to a huge surge in the number of new coronavirus cases. Even though testing does not eliminate all the risks associated with the disease, it will work well when it is combined with other precautionary measures like using masks and maintaining social distancing in public places. Apart from that, the CDC has also suggested that using measures like quarantine and staying at home also make travel safer for everyone.

CDC Says International Passengers Need To Test Covid Negative To Enter US

According to the latest guidelines of the CDC, travelers must go for the covid test within 3 days before their flight to the US. Passengers will have to show the covid test report to the airline before boarding the flight. The agency has given strict warning to the airlines that they must deny boarding for those passengers who test positive for or who refuse to take a test.

CDC Says International Passengers Need To Test Covid Negative To Enter US

There is a huge increase in passengers arriving in the US after travel was resumed in June. In December, close to 2 million people entered the US from different International destinations. The airlines are also trying to push for a testing program so that it will help the international Travellers to get the testing done at the airports without any hassles.

Apart from the covid negative test, some experts are also suggesting that the agency must ask the international Travellers to go on mandatory quarantine for at least 2 weeks on arrival in the US. In this manner, there will be less risk of virus transmission and covid infections.

Yet another threat of allowing International passengers is that there are new variants of coronavirus being detected in different parts of the world. The recent variant that was detected in the UK is found to be more transmissible than the original strain of coronavirus. The new variant B117 has already spread into the US, and more than 10 states across the country have reported cases of covid-19 new variants. In this regard, it is essential for the health authorities to keep a check on international passengers as they are more likely to bring new strains of coronavirus into the US.

The health officials in the US are not yet sure if the existing covid-19 vaccines can handle the new variants discovered in other parts of the world. Given this situation, it makes a lot of sense to put some restrictions on international Travellers and only allow those who test negative for covid-19.

The agency has indicated that it is natural for the virus to mutate into new variants. Even though the covid vaccine will be able to handle different variants that do not have a lot of changes from the original strain, it is not yet scientifically proven, and the authorities have to be always cautious about such new variants.

Yet another variant of coronavirus is detected in South Africa, and it is said to be drastically different from the original strain. In this situation, the authorities are worried that it can lead to a new surge in covid-19 cases in the next few months.

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CDC Says Flu Cases At Record Low https://dailynub.com/top-news/cdc-says-flu-cases-at-record-low/ https://dailynub.com/top-news/cdc-says-flu-cases-at-record-low/#respond Wed, 13 Jan 2021 11:11:24 +0000 https://dailynub.com/?p=2412 According to reports coming from the CDC, the seasonal flu is at a record low in this flu season. The agency reported just over 1,000 cases in the country during this flu season. When compared to the figures of the 2019 flu season, the agency had recorded more than 65000 cases of Influenza across the country.

Health experts are of the opinion that high vaccination rates against the flu along with the recent measures of social distancing and using masks at public places has stopped the spread of Influenza by a huge margin in this season. This is a significant drop considering the fact that testing at public health labs improved by a huge margin for both influenza A and B  along with coronavirus across the country.

CDC Says Flu Cases At Record Low

When it comes to testing for influenza in clinical Labs, it was slightly lower in this season as several physicians did not order flu tests due to reduction in the number of cases across the country. Even though this is a positive sign, public Health experts have a different opinion in this regard. They say that this number speaks volumes about the transmissibility of coronavirus.

CDC Says Flu Cases At Record Low

The health experts say that this comparison should be a learning lesson for everyone in the near future. It has become evident that coronavirus is far more contagious than the regular flu virus and it is also less forgiving in case of any lapse with regards to preventive measures. According to experts, one of the main reasons why coronavirus is more transmissible is due to the fact that people often shed coronavirus even before exhibiting any symptoms.

On the other hand, most people display symptoms of the flu as soon as they catch the infection. When it comes to covid-19, many patients do not develop any symptoms at all and this is also another reason for the virus being more contagious in the community.

According to a recent study done by health experts, it was found that asymptomatic people may be responsible for nearly 60% of all covid-19 transmissions across the country. This is a scary picture as it is very difficult to stop the spread of the virus if people do not even understand that they are already infected with coronavirus.

The trend is usually seen in young people who have a better immune system and do not display any symptoms. In some cases, many people even recover from covid-19 without showing any symptoms. However, they could be transmitting the virus to other people in the community for a very long time and this has a severe impact on the public health system. Elderly people and others with underlying health conditions become more vulnerable in this situation.

After analysing low rates of flu cases across the country in recent weeks, experts are of the opinion that several people have considerable immunity to seasonal flu due to previous vaccinations and infections. For this reason, they are less likely to get affected with seasonal flow when they do not interact with too many people in an outdoor environment. Due to several covid-19 restrictions in the recent months, most people had to practice social distancing and use masks and this led to a rapid decline in the number of seasonal flu cases across the US.

On the other hand, very few people have immunity to covid-19 as it is still a new virus and more people are susceptible to getting infected in this situation. For this reason, coronavirus appears more contagious at the moment when compared to seasonal flu. Health experts say that in the future, people may even develop immunity towards coronavirus after getting a vaccination.

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New York City Begins Vaccination Of Teachers https://dailynub.com/top-news/new-york-city-begins-vaccination-of-teachers/ https://dailynub.com/top-news/new-york-city-begins-vaccination-of-teachers/#respond Wed, 13 Jan 2021 11:02:37 +0000 https://dailynub.com/?p=2409 New York City started vaccinating teachers on Monday. The United Federation of teachers had recently objected to continuing in-person classes due to lack of safety measures. However, the teachers will now be able to continue the regular classes in the next few weeks.

Apart from teachers, priority is also given to elderly people and other public safety workers in the first phase of mass vaccination programs.

New York City Begins Vaccination Of Teachers

The city schools were shut on November 19 due to the rising number of coronavirus cases across the state. Many students are not able to attend regular classes and most of them had a difficult time to access remote classes. Considering this situation, the authorities felt that it was important to include teachers in the first phase of vaccination so that schools can be reopened in a regular manner at the earliest.

New York City Begins Vaccination Of Teachers

The state authorities felt that school children were falling behind academically  in a huge way due to lack of in-person education. Experts in the industry had warned that this could hamper the overall development of children in the long run. Apart from that, it also put additional burden on parents as children had to stay at home for a long duration. This was a huge problem for working parents as they had to alter their working hours in order to accommodate the children at home.

Health experts are of the opinion that children were at low risk of catching the virus. Not only that, children are also in the low risk category when it comes to transmitting the virus to other people. Even though this is not completely established in a scientific manner, it is clearly evident by the data that children were spared to a large extent by the covid-19 pandemic.

The health department is also making suitable arrangements to include other essential workers in the first phase of the vaccination program. The grocery store workers are also included in the category to receive covid-19 vaccines. This is a welcome move as such workers interact with the large number of people on a daily basis. They are more vulnerable to catching the infection due to their interaction with the public. Not only that, vaccinating the grocery workers will also ensure public safety in the long run as this will lead to less transmission in the community.

Many teachers initially objected to in-person classes as they thought that it was a huge risk to attend the regular classes without a vaccine. Several teachers preferred to take remote classes as it was a safer option in this pandemic situation. Some of them who did not have any option also resigned from their jobs due to their health conditions.

Several teachers suffering from co-morbid conditions are at high risk of contracting the virus if they start taking regular classes. Apart from that, it is also a difficult situation for the school authorities when the teachers are infected in the middle of the academic session. This also has a severe impact on the continuity of classes and the overall administration has to struggle a lot to find the correct replacement in the middle of an academic year.

In order to avoid all these complications, the state authorities have decided to give priority to teachers when it comes to receiving the covid-19 vaccines. In this manner, schools can now reopen safely in the next few weeks across the state.

This is a welcome move by New York State and several other states are also likely to follow similar guidelines in the first phase of the vaccination program. Health experts have suggested making suitable changes to the vaccine distribution program depending upon local requirements.

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Who Is Eligible For Covid 19 Vaccine In New York https://dailynub.com/top-news/who-is-eligible-for-covid-19-vaccine-in-new-york/ https://dailynub.com/top-news/who-is-eligible-for-covid-19-vaccine-in-new-york/#respond Wed, 13 Jan 2021 10:54:49 +0000 https://dailynub.com/?p=2406 New York has made a lot of changes to the coronavirus vaccination program. More people are now eligible to receive the vaccine in the Phase the 1A and 1B categories.

In the first phase of the vaccination program, apart from the hospital and Healthcare workers, residents and staff working at Nursing Home, medical examiners, doctors, nurses, frontline workers, individuals administering covid-19 vaccines, pharmacist and several other members of the medical team are eligible to get covid-19 vaccines.

Who Is Eligible For Covid 19 Vaccine In New York

Other than the frontline health workers, the category also includes people above the age of 75 and first responders who usually interact with a lot of people on a daily basis. Next in line will be the public transit workers and public safety workers along with school staffers, teachers and child care providers. Priority is also given to bus drivers, grocery store workers and other people working and living in homeless Shelters.

Who Is Eligible For Covid 19 Vaccine In New York

The state has decided that vulnerable people should also be given priority along with Frontline health workers in the first phase of vaccination. In this manner, the spread of coronavirus across the state can be reduced to a large extent within a short duration of time.

New York city residents can now check if they are eligible to receive the vaccine through the dedicated website of the state. The Eligible residents can make an appointment at more than 100 public and private sites by getting in touch with the health department of the city. All the information is available in the official website of the health department and the residents can even book an appointment online to receive the covid-19 vaccine.

The websites provide easy access for residents to know if they are eligible to receive the vaccine. Apart from that, the online links can also be used to make an appointment by providing the required details. Users can also get to know about the vaccine provider in the neighbourhood by giving their address on the website.

The city has also launched a phone number to reserve a vaccine appointment and residents can dial 877-829-4692 in order to reserve an appointment to receive the covid-19 vaccine.

It is interesting to note that users also get a vaccination card and this will be helpful when they have to get the second dose of vaccine after the scheduled interval. Residents need not pay for the covid-19 vaccine and it is provided free of cost by the Federal government.

According to the health department people in the age group of 65 to 74 will be included in the next phase of vaccination program. In this category, priority will be given to those people who are suffering from underlying health conditions. Apart from that, other essential workers will also be vaccinated In this phase.

According to the estimation given by the health department, Phase 1C of the vaccination programme is likely to begin by the end of March 2021. When it comes to vaccinating the general public, the authorities expect that it is likely to begin in summer.

It is interesting to note that the state has made significant changes to the vaccination program. This will help them to provide vaccines to more numbers of people within a short interval of time. In recent weeks, the vaccine administration was not done in a proper manner across the country due to lack of clarity from the Federal government,

There are supply concerns at this stage and it is essential for the authorities to manage the distribution program in an organised manner to avoid shortage of vaccines for the second dose. The incoming administration has proposed a plan to release available vaccines in order to boost the pace of mass vaccinations across the country.

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Arizona Becoming “Hot Spot Of The World.” https://dailynub.com/top-news/arizona-becoming-hot-spot-of-the-world/ https://dailynub.com/top-news/arizona-becoming-hot-spot-of-the-world/#respond Sat, 09 Jan 2021 09:40:00 +0000 https://dailynub.com/?p=2394 Arizona is now experiencing a surge within a surge according to several health experts. The state has now recorded the highest number of new covid cases in the US for three days in a row. Considering this situation, health experts are worried that Arizona is fast becoming the covid hot spot of the world.

The state is reeling under pressure due to an increasing number of cases, and several hospitals have run out of ICU beds in the last few days. Apart from that, there is a shortage of front line health workers to handle the huge inflow of covid patients.

Arizona Becoming “Hot Spot Of The World.”

Meanwhile, the number of deaths recorded on Thursday was more than 4000 across the US. The statistics indicate that one American is reported dead every 21 seconds due to coronavirus. The total number of cases are already close to 22 million and the last ten days have added close to 2 million cases.

Dr Fauci has said that the death toll is likely to rise in January and the daily death count due to covid 19 can go beyond 4000. Considering this situation, the total death count in January is likely to cross 100,000.

Already December was declared the deadliest month during the pandemic with more than 77000 deaths. Fauci has indicated that January will be worse than December in every aspect and there will be more hospitalizations and more deaths in the near future.

Arizona Becoming "Hot Spot Of The World."

In order to boost the vaccination program, North Carolina prison officials are considering offering prisoners who get vaccinated more visitations. Already more than 30 people have died in prison and nine inmates are currently hospitalized due to covid 19.

The recent surge in new covid 19 cases can be attributed to Christmas travel and gatherings. Millions of people traveled across the US during the Christmas holidays. According to estimates, more than 10 million people traveled by flights and millions by other means during the year-end holidays. The CDC had warned travelers to stay home during the year-end celebrations as the nation was already dealing with a surge in covid 19 cases.

However, most travelers ignored the warnings, and the nation is paying a huge price for the mistake of some people. The situation is so bad that more than 150 cases are reported every minute in the US. Some hospitals in California are left with no ICU beds, and they are not able to attend to emergency cases. The LA county officials had given guidelines to paramedics to not bring cardiac arrest patients to hospitals if the chances of survival are less.

According to the guidelines issued to paramedics, they should try to revive cardiac arrest patients for about 15 minutes. If there is no improvement in the situation, they should avoid bringing the patients to the hospitals as most hospitals are overcrowded with covid patients. The hospitals are not able to provide beds for emergency patients, and ambulance drivers are waiting outside hospitals for hours to get the patients admitted to the hospitals.

Meanwhile, the vaccine rollout program is going at a steady pace across the country. There is some improvement in the pace of vaccination in the last few days. According to experts, the federal authorities will be able to reach a figure of one million vaccinations per day in the next few weeks. At this stage, the federal government can vaccinate more than 100 million people in the next few months.

According to experts, the level of herd immunity can be reached once a majority of Americans receive the vaccine. Health experts feel that this is possible in the next eight months.

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